Footstep and general character sounds are bad and completely inaccurate

Gears of war 5 has terrible sound programming. You literally hear other players running and fighting through walls as if they were right next to you.

Gears of war 4 had this down really well honestly. It was so well in fact it was easy to tell exactly where someone
is or where the fighting is on the map based on the pitch and volume of other players actions. Whether it be distance or a barrier in the way.

It seems that TC was either in a rush to release the game and ran outta time to polish map sounds reguarding barriers and distances. Or wanted to take away yet another tool from seasoned players. Not sure which one is more plausible at this point.

Is anyone aware of potential fixes reguarding sound awareness (not sure what the correct terminology is)? If so please post what you know. B’tches, concerns and complaints are always welcome too. Hopefully TC will take note.

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I don’t really agree that with Gears 4 having it down completely but I digress. (Mainly for footsteps coming from behind).

As of the Operation 2 update I noticed that I can actually hear people coming from behind me (in FFA at least) unlike in other modes. I haven’t played too many of the other playlist outside of 2v2 gnasher and FFA so far so I don’t know if it’s the same.

Toward the end of OP1 I just had a general rule of thumb that if I hear footsteps that are right next to me/behind me on a Map like Exhibit or Training Grounds, they’re more than likely coming from underneath.

I wish this helped with grenades, lol.

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