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Pineapple on pizza for me really depends on the pizza place. It’s not like pepperoni where you can eat at any pizza place because I’m certain every pizza place ensures their pepperoni pizza tastes good because that’s the norm order. As for pineapple? I’m sure most places just crack open a can of dole and plop it on the pizza and call it a day.

I’m just very selective with pineapple but Its one of my favs.

Currywurst, or Bratwurst.

Empanada too.

And we need desserts too. Pudding or Ice cream


I’ve worked at 2 different Pizza Huts and a place called Fox’s Pizza Den… you ain’t wrong lol

Granted Pizza Hut still had a place to store it after the can… Fox’s was bleh… only ate there’s cause it was free tbh… I remember going from there to Pizza Hut and eating Cold Pizza I brought home from Pizza Hut and us all saying “it’s sad Pizza Hut cold tastes better than Fox’s fresh”.

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WHO WANTS TOAST? -Marcus Gears 2


Missed opportunity to not have a poutine mark and blood spray. For shame, TC.


Per Merriam-Webster

Per Oxford

Per Wikipedia

(even though I actually kind of like it) I will reference the use of the term Savory and the absence of the word ‘Fruit’ to conclude that Pineapple does not belong on pizza. This unfortunately means that the beloved “pizza” of my home state, Detroit Style, is technically not pizza… as it is not round.


I’ve had opportunities to go and try pizza w/ pineapple, from different places that serve it, but I can never bring myself to understand it. Sometimes I think it was just bad or something so I give another place a try, I just… do not like pineapple on pizza lol

I get the whole sweet and savory thing for sure, but (IMO) it just doesn’t make sense. lol

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Ty for trying :slight_smile: its def not for everyone. I feel a similar way with Barbeque foods, Im not crazy about them tbh. I like it but I wont go out of my way to buy some. it sounds good every blue moon for me.


Food can be such a strange experience at times…

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Lowkey Michigan has the best pizza.

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I’d be down to have a poutine mark and blood spray.

It is our national dish, after all…

Ramen mark plz, something noodle related. Heck I’ll settle for a spaghetti blood spray.

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I was about to say that. Ramen mark or…

Which I think is overdue - Covid molecule mark and “ You’ve been quarantined” blood spray.


Too soon😣

i want a fried chicken and koolaid mark

Fish and Chips mark please.

Curry mark please… Or a naan bread

We need a bagel or poutine mark in honor of TC being in canada : p