Food for thought

Why not keep arms race and dodgeball to social as their more beginner playstyles and mobe escalation down to core so people can get used to playing it for competitive.Also maybe be inventive and create some never before seen game modes…

I do think koth should be added to comp playlist and always have 4x Xp on Escalation or more.

You’re playing with fire here.
I think the split community have very different opinions on core vs comp, especially for escalation. Sorry if I misunderstood your post though.

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Arms Race and Dodgeball are in Social Quickplay… the time I checked.

I know their there just saying to keep them there and move escalation down to core also

How about no competitive and social playlists and just have everyone in one setting.

Why can’t we all just get along? Gears should be a place for hugs, unicorns, cotton candy, and even more hugs!

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I see red lol