Follow up to the 11-23 event/ Thank you to all

Hey guys,

Just wanted to say a Big thank you to everyone that joined last Saturday for the Horde event.

I know the server kicking issue was a pain but here are some of my Favorite moments:

Firestorm-Doing the Crazy goofy Chainsaws together

*Dan- having the 'I keep getting booted, but im trying to come back" It was funny as we had no idea what happend.

*Doom-Being the Enginer getting kicked, then comeing back to save us all

There where many other moments but these were the ones that stuck with me.

Again, thank you all for joining. :grin:


Thanks man to you … It was great = ) and I do appreciate the oportunity.

I was fun as hell I grant you that LOL

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Hey man,

It sure was. Just hate you had so many issues with the Booting and such.

Till next time then lol

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I wasn’t invited.

It’s just like school all over again. :wink:


Dude it was an open invitation. The post is still there on the Events page :slight_smile: