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My complaints are the quitting. Why am I still losing points??? Also why is it a serious hit or miss if I get decent teammates or people who’ve never held a controller before. I’m not asking for a 5 stack of masters. I’m in diamond 2, give me teammates and opponents on, at, or just below my skill level, not 4 ranks below while I’m still facing diamonds.


As I stated in another thread, I had three quitters in one match of gridiron, of course it’s a loss, I did well in the match unbelievably from an in game score standpoint. I wound up losing 86% of my rank going down to Silver 2- 29%. I guess it’s just a question of the removal of the quitter solution with this update?

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Update is garbage you cant base points of winning every game because every 1-3 games you are handicapped or youre team is so good that you cant perform at all due to not seeing action… Its always one sided. Why do i still have people on my team who havent even re upped yet when the games been out 7 months! its horrible an my friends dont even want to play anymore

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I honestly don’t see why rank should depend on if you win or lose at all sense matchmaking is so bad. i can have an average of 24 eliminations and no more than 4 deaths but i get a team mate who has 3 eliminations and 18 deaths in TDM and we lose because of him. Even if i’m in a squad of 4 it only takes 1 moron player to make us lose

The solution is to play a better mode :eyes:

Gee, why didn’t i think of that

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Gridiron ranked: IS BROKEN. It needs to be hotfixed now, and not wait for a TU or OP4 for the ranked overhaul. (Read below)

Ranked system needs to look at the players OVERALL skill rank between all modes. If I am an onyx/diamond player with TDM/2v2/KOTH, this should be taken into account when determining the skill rank for new modes like Gridiron.

Also, with every new operation, if you were gold/onyx/diamond/masters from previous operation, every win should earn you THOUSANDS of points to move you from bronze to gold within only a couple of wins. Bronze should be reserved for NEW players, and players that do not play PVP often so they can have an enjoyable experience and not play with onyx/masters.

TC says they do this, but this is obviously not happening.

Where is the issue?

I am currently stuck in Bronze 2 (!!!) in Gridiron. I mainly play solo or with a friend and I am constantly on a team with other players who definitely should be Bronze 1/2/3 (you can tell they are very new to PVP or gears). THis is very annoying because I want to be on a team that actually knows how to play gears.

Every win I get +40 points. Every loss I get -100 points or more (some close to -800) which wipes out the previous wins I had. It is impossible to move out of this rank even though I should be in gold/onyx by now. Regardless of MVP or have 1000s points more than teammates.

TO DO: please look into gridiron ranked for bugs in bronze/silver ranks. Please implement a better progression for Onyx/diamond/masters players to quickly get out of bronze/silver with the overhaul

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I will no longer play ranked Gridiron until this fixed. Another hour wasted of 4 wins with either MVP or 2nd place with only 33 points and losses of -200 points.

Multiple matches with quitters or players AFKing for 6 rounds straight and not being kicked.

It’s unplayable.


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My honest opinion is TC doesn’t know how to fix it because they can’t fix the foundation which is the matchmaking and they’re too scared to just admit it.

The majority of quitters and AFK’ers are new players who get frustrated. I don’t blame them, How are they supposed to get better by getting rolled by high ranked players before they even learn the basics of the game?

The rest are high level players who are finally frustrated having to carry super hard to just NOT lose a ton of points.

I don’t know why my topic was closed and referred here. It was discussing scaling ranked down to 3 modes due to population considerations, It was not about ranking up or down, or matchmaking in general.

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This thread is so TC can see peoples thoughts on the ranking system and what it should be in future.

I will amend the thread to be clearer about this :slight_smile:


If we had transparent ranked figures, I think it would be obvious to everyone that Gears 5 can only populate, at the absolute most, 3 ranked game modes at a time. TC needs to think long and hard about this, and make some decisions as to what’s really important for ranked PVP. Waiting 5 minutes for a match is totally unacceptable, let alone 10+.

The way I see it, they have two options. They can limit ranked to modes that “make sense”, or go by pure popularity.

Modes that make sense would be Escalation, 2V2 Gnashers, and Gridiron.

Going by pure numbers, I’m willing to bet it would be KOTH, TDM, and 2v2 Gnashers.

Some combination of the two would probably be best. The important thing is that the total is no higher than 3.

The last thing we need is more ranked modes from which to choose. I sincerely hope ranked FFA is never a thing, and I love FFA.


Ranked FFA was in their plan

I’m well aware, that’s why I brought it up. We don’t need more ranked modes; we need fewer.


I don’t think they agree

TC should give up on ranking system. I think they are over complicating everything and letting a busted matchmaking system linger on.

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Just happen 2 me player quit on round 3 of 2v2 lost the game but I had the most point but the other team got mvp bcz of the update and my rank went down…

Yea hurry up new system lol

Top 86%

Win - Top 43% - ok that’s acceptable obviously

Win again, and MVP - Top 78% - o.0

All same tier.


MVP is the most valued player regardless of whether their team wins.

Teams that have quitters shouldn’t lose points, if the person who quits is in a party then their party SHOULD lose points, this would stop team stacks/sweats abusing the system. But a team shouldn’t be punished because a solo player drops out.

Ranking should be done on individual performance, it’s the only way. I constantly get matched with awful players because I am a masters/d3 player, I can’t carry 2/3 slackers, i’m not good enough. All in all just bring back gears 4 ranks and actually display them next to our names at the beginning and end.

Fix stats, I miss Gears 1/2’s stat tracking, when you used to actually be able to see how many times you’ve died and how many kills you’ve got and matches you’ve won/lost in each specific mode. I honestly don’t care about my “uptime” or score/kills per minute.


That is a interesting idea - the forfeit. That would be really good to just be able to end it. I’ve played 4 games in the last two weeks against 1 person. It’s lame for our squad and I’m sure the single person just loved being spawn camped… not. I don’t know how that would work but it would be a great idea.
The ranking system is extremely complicated so I cut them some slack and try to give constructive feedback.