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Hello fellow Gearheads.

As many of you know TC recently made a change to their ranking system and I am seeing a lot of individual threads cropping up. EDIT 3: The change has since been reverted due to negative reception.

This should still be the main thread for discussing ranked, and potential solutions as we still don’t have an ETA for when TC will implement a new system and scrap the current one.

Edit: Note TC has stated that this is a temporary measure and a major overhaul is still coming.

Edit 2: This place is for all ranking discussion, so ideas about the direction the ranking system should move in is welcome, and should take place, here.


It is hard to tell due to people quitting and loading into games where the skill levels are mismatched. Now i havent gone down and or recieved zero points from winning, but you lose a game when a teammate quits and you still get punished.


The system is still too mysterious and the rank up and rank down does not feel consistent from match to match.


The real issue with the ranking system is that it is far too complex, this is bad because its impossible for players to ascertain what they should get vs what they actually obtain. You can get MVP one game get like 300 points next game get like 20, its an extremely inconsistent system from the player’s point of view. I am aware that TC probably thought they were geniuses because they were factoring a bunch of complex numbers/stats, but its also true that the points don’t necessarily reflect how good somebody is (lots of stuff is not taken into account point wise)

My solution: Keep it Simple Stupid

-Instead of such a large number of points reduce it dramatically (as to make the gaps game from game not seem so bizarre)
-win 2 games you go up, lose 1 you go down, MVP shouldn’t make much of a difference (as it is a team based game)
-if a player quits on enemy team first round then the match is considered invalid and grants the other team nothing whilst still not punishing the poor team with the quitter, at first I thought it might make sense to just end the game abruptly but its still possible that the player would rejoin (maybe they had lagspikes or something) that needs to factor in as well. You could also give a team the “forfeit” option, so that way they don’t have to just get whipped for 10-15 minutes.


TC finally Nudge me off the cliff. GOOD DAY GENTLEMAN and GENTLEWOMAN. I will be taking my hiatus early. Lol. TC Really has some internal issues. I’m actually speechless. Just can’t anymore. Just can’t.



I wasn’t aware that they made changes… I still see me getting 0 points for winning and getting mvp so it still seems like the same broken thing it has been

This was in the What’s Up for 23rd April 2020.

"As of today, we have released an update to Ranked that ensures you will now gain Ranked Points on a win. As a reminder, how much you gain is dictated by your performance against the quality of your opponents.

However, the impact of this new change means we’re trading Skill Point accuracy for a better feeling experience. So, in certain circumstances, a player may win without performing as expected meaning they will still gain points. In these cases, when that player eventually loses, the system will give them negative points to ensure their rank and True Skill Rank is aligned.

With this update, you may see some initial oddities in the system – it will be most noticeable in Gridiron due to its newness as a Ranked playlist.

As a reminder, this is temporary measure to improve our ranked experience until we roll out the new and improved Ranked System.

If you see anything out of norms or have feedback on the experience, send us a tweet @CoalitionGears, post on our forums or drop a comment on Reddit."

I just never understood why it was possible to lose points for winning or to gain exactly 0 for winning. as long as that doesn’t happen anymore i guess it’s an improvement

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The change though doesn’t seem to be working, and it means while you will/should be awarded points for a win, those points you earned will be taken away from you when you next lose.

Example, the system thinks you should have lost 100 points but you won, so it gives you say 50. Next time you lose it takes off an additional 150 to put you back to where it thinks you should be.

If you never lose then you won’t have those points taken away from you, otherwise, you are being awarded points the back end system thinks you don’t actually deserve.

Personally I don’t think this is a good solution.


I don’t see how this fix is going to make things any better because now later when you lose even to a much higher skilled team you will lose even more points than you should have so that the system can try and rank you properly.

I think a better fix would have been to make it so losing badly to a much higher skilled team takes less skill points away making the mountain climb back from unfair punishment easier to handle.

For instance today in TDM right before I quit for the day I had just climbed back out of silver 2 after playing a bunch of stacks yesterday. Newly into silver 3 tier and I am put in a match where the point spread between teams was more than 35000 points. The other team had 98000 something total skill points. We lost 2-0 obiviously but I did better than I expected to do placing 3rd on my team against these guys and even managed to kill their top player twice earnig two no respect ribbons the extreme way. I lost 500 plus points for my supposed poor performance against at least diamond level players putting me back where I had started gaining rank in silver 2 tier.

Now if I would have lost say 150 or 200 points for that match the climb back up the hill would have been much less discouraging to start again.

Another suggestion that I have is to put a Gears of War 4 style scoreboard with everyone’s rank next to thier name on the page that we view our rank in the after action report. You could leave the pre game lobby the way it is with our progression ranks displayed to help deter the quiters if you believe that could cause an issue.

Knowing where you are ranked compaired to where everyone else is ranked would give a much more satisfying feeling when you get deranked and can plainly see that it happened because those other guys ranked lower than you in the lobby did better than you did.

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I honestly think the system worked alright before, it was already so much easier to go up after the OP2 update.

If the matchmaking isn’t going to work in our favor we’re always going to have the problem w/ people complaining about the point distribution.

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It just comes down to one simple thing.

The developers said something to the effect of “you will do X and you will get result Y.” But that’s not happening now because doing X can be followed by results Y, Z or Q.

The only way to make it satisfying and fun in my opinion is to either 1) Make it simple or 2) Take the time to publish the algorithm or 3) Both.

This is a fan’s breakdown of the Halo true skill system back in 2007:

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Also @GhostofDelta2 consider adding this quote to the main post seeing as how people might confuse the current updates to the ranking system as the definitive update:

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Just gonna copy what I posted on reddit.

Here’s my thing about the ranking system. I have ■■■■■■■ and ■■■■■■■ and ■■■■■■■ about it but honestly, I’m FINE with the way it works now only IF THEY FIXED THE MATCHMAKING.
If the matchmaking made even teams, meaning all 10 players were at least close to being on the same level. Then hell, if I play like trash, I don’t mind losing points EVEN IF MY TEAM WINS. If I played like trash, I played like trash. Why should I be rewarded for NOT fully helping my team win? Hell, I’m fine with that. Now I shouldn’t lose a lot of points because we did win, but I’m fine with a negative score if I didn’t contribute much. But this is only if the teams are fair.
The way matchmaking is right now, it may pair brand new players with high onxy/diamond players and only ONE team may have the new player. Hell even if you put a new player on both teams, it still won’t be fun for anybody involved.
You NEED to figure out a way to fix the actual matchmaking. If you can’t for whatever reason, the lower player base, etc., THEN YES, you need to add stuff like no negative points in a win, etc.
Things that should never happen…
You should NEVER lose points in a game where someone on your team quits. Hell, if you want people to feel good, I’m cool with everybody on the quitters team getting positive points regardless of the outcome, don’t give a damn if its 10 pts. Something to encourage them to finish the game out when someone on their team quits but at the same time, you’re not getting a ton of points so you’re not just gonna rank up because people on your team keep quitting.
I used to be a guy that never quit games. But I’m damn near 40 years old now, my time is precious. If someone on my team quits, if I still have a pretty good team, even 1 other guy on my who still doing his thing, then I’ll stay and we’ll ride it out, whatever.
But if my team is trash and a guy quits, I’m gonna play until I can quit without penalty and I’m out. I know it sucks for the remaining teammates but ■■■■ that. I’m not wasting my time anymore, knowing that even I play like Superman, Ill still most likely lose points because I’m going 1 vs. 2, 1 vs. 3 the entire round. I’m quitting and searching for a new game. I don’t have all day to sit and be frustrated by this game. Its driven to me to games like Apex Legends, which has similar issues with its ranked system, but its so damn fun and I don’t play BR’s at all, except that.
As it stands right now, there’s absolutely no incentive to stay in a ranked game once your teammate quits. You’re STILL going to lose points, I don’t give a damn if you outscored everybody by a zillion points, your ■■■ is still losing points. All this talk about, “I still played well and gained points” is RARE. Sure, it happens, but the majority of time, you’re losing points.
I just sat up and watched a dude on Mixer, (can’t remember his name), drop from Masters to Diamond 1 in about 6 games of KOTH due to either a quitter on his team, AFK, or teams just being completely unbalanced. And he was killing it every single game. He gained points once, lost points all 5 other times. He was playing solo, as do I.
Just fix THAT ■■■■ and we’re good.

If the matches are even, I guarantee you’ll have fewer quitters.

The feedback is,

It definitely doesn’t work.

It’s sending me Masters Top 46% down to Diamond 3 at 2% for one 2-1 loss when it was a clear 3v5.


One win, back into Masters Top 60%.


Back down.


Back up,


Back down.



Haha bro yesterday was D3 did a game i won, get 1600pts but get me down to D2 3% lool. After, i did a winning game was Mvp 2-0 i won 30pts and one mate was D3 won 150 and another had a minus less WTF?? Third game after we won and i get again 1600pts et go back to D3 20700pts at 13% haha

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How hard could it be to just scrap this bull crap of a stat system? First off the overall stats or “war journal” is so bare and basic. They only STATS they really keep track of are to monitor your tour medals. If they made a really stat/rank system that went by YOUR PERSONAL PERFORMANCE. Not your team. Take into consideration your up time, your kill death ratio, accuracy, amount of kills/xp. Stop making it about whether you win or lose. Because even if you SUCK you still get xp and you still level up. So why should I get punished for having teammates that SUCK?..listen to what we have been saying for months. These reassurances are falling way too short. Just do it for the players.