Focused feedback: Core gameplay (PVP)

@Apollo_BS75 @Nineteenth_Hour I guess its all about perspective b/c id rather wait a few minutes to que and have my game perform like other peoples that have your average general run of the mill internet connection . Obviously not every player w/high ping is unhittable and w/god like aim. Their are different types of high ping as well. Stable and unstable. And to clarify, I’m not talking about situations where I live next door to a server yet I am playing on a remote one in a different country. In talking about people w/ping in the 80’s…90’s…people playing in their closest data center, just w/mediocre connections or are on wifi that is connected to a router that is 200 feet away. We all have our issues. But im far from the only one playing on a low ping x that has struggles. Their are a lot of us.
@bahblacksheep17 I was a telecom tech for 15 years. As @Krylon_Blue pointed out, and I would also guess at, if you are on telecom internet, their are issues that can cause that. One is a high resistance open, or technically low resistance series fault…basically one of your transmission wires is broken, but still has enough continuity for the circuit to flow…it.will actually test okay as well. But when the wind blows or the temperature changes, it will make that connection basically “unconnected” hence the spike. A TDR can see the open. Have a tech come out. Also a card going bad in RT…or if you are on coax…same thing. Resistive series fault. Also, sometimes something with power transmission can cause your internet to spike like that. A grounding issue in your dwelling or in the power companies equipment can cause your internet to spike like that. Their are lots of things in a telecom or coax network that will cause that. Honestly, I have never had my ping on my connection just randomly spike. Obviously I have had my ms swing a little here and there…but not spike. Whomever you have your internet through, get a tech out there. Tell them you are having intermittent service interruptions. More than likely they will find something.


I have no issue waiting 1 or 2 minutes - it’s when matchmaking takes 10+ minutes to find a game and then still throws me into a 150ms+ server.

I have a feeling that what a lot of players are calling a high ping issue is actually a packet loss issue. Which as both of us know can be associated with high ping but is completely separate and way more detrimental to the experiences of all players in that match.

Occasionally I get lucky and get a game on an oceanic server (anywhere from 2-40ms) and when I do I haven’t got a single issue taking on anyone with a high ping, it’s the players with unstable pings (packet loss) and they can range anywhere from 8ms-300+ms.

I’m 100% sure that everyone here is experiencing what they say they are, I’m just saying that the cause and the symptoms aren’t as clear-cut as it being entirely about the ping number and rollback code algorithm.

For example, I have a UK mate who was blaming all the high-ping players for his missed shots when he has around 20-30ms, thankfully his old router died and had to purchase a new one, Bought a Nighthawk and switched from WiFi to Ethernet and realised it was his poor connection cussing the issues - despite his low ping number.


@Apollo_BS75. You speak the truth. Its not as simple as low ping bad/high ping good. But, I do know i perform better on my mobile hot spot tham my 300 meg hardwired fiber to the router connection. Its a lot of net code issues. But, I know balancing ping discrepancies in a multiplayer w/a lot of movement isn’t easy.


Wow game feels absolutely amazing tonight and im pinging lower than ever.


I’m pinging lower than ever too. I’ve never see so many pings under 10ms in a match as I’ve seen multiple times tonight. That said, it’s playing like garbage for me.

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Can you describe what aspects aren’t working properly?

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My main complaint is that the game feels like it’s running at 6 frames/sec or actually is. If I spin around 180 degrees with look sensitivity set to 27 I will see maybe 3 distinct frames. When I’m in a close quarters gnasher battle with someone, their movement is not smooth. Their movement is like a series of mini-teleportations, each one causing the opponent to jump about 2 feet.


my game played pretty well last night. Had one of the most frantic KOTH matches I’ve ever played. Everybody was hittable. I wasn’t made of glass. Didn’t see much sponging. The players were all pretty much match made well. And all pings were grouped very reasonably.


No what happened before from what I’ve seen is that sometimes you’d lose a round and lose like 200 points and all the other rounds you’ve won only gave you like 20 points. This happened a lot in 2v2’s before with my friend, we’d both do pretty good, we 7-1’d or 7-2’d a team and I lost like 40 or 60 points because one round we lost could take away upwards of 168 or even more points, and there was only a 100-200 point difference between me and my friend so it’s not like I or he got carried. Regardless you should never ever go down in rank from a win, because it defeats the point of a ranking system, and makes grinding and playing for rank pointless at times if they get punished for success. I guarantee that if the crappy players on your team were on the other team you’d find it hilarious and be happy at the free win and points. Of course, going by your logic of reverting the skill ranking, even if they were on the other team and you won, you still might lose points even if you 5-0 them. But that’s ok right?

Lol I only play just enough ranked to work on medals. I don’t think I’ve been higher than Bronze 3 in Gears 5. Just haven’t spent the time grinding. So a lot of these ranking system threads are completely lost on me :sweat:

Yeah no one knows how they calculate rank but the way it was before, to make a long story short, is that very often you would lose skill ranking for winning matches, which regardless of what game you’re playing that makes no sense at all. Doesn’t matter if you go 0-30, a win is a win. I’d say that there can be variance based on performance, but at the very least your rank should never go down from a win.

But but that never happens, right, @Krylon_Blue ? Having a high player ping in a game only affects their gameplay! :wink:

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Being able to lose points on a win makes more sense to me than being MVP by a wide margin in a loss and losing points.

MVP in a loss shows you did literally everything you could do but your team was just outmatched.

By your logic I shouldn’t lose points for going 0-15 in TDM because my team somehow managed to carry my ■■■ and win.


Yh and they should remove cheat settings like single stick movement

I don’t know what they’ve changed today - but for the first time I’m getting ranked games in under 2 minutes.

Previously it would take up to 45 minutes and sometimes it wouldn’t get a game at all

Hope whatever they’ve done sticks

Update: now I have experience the pain of people quitting and dissolving the lobbies - I’m not a fan of that at all - people should really stop doing that.

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Single stick movement is in the game for disabled gamers who are not able to use both sticks. It is an accessibility feature that absolutely should not be removed.


Its being abused by able people though

Sorry to say it, but regardless of people exploiting the system it’s a small price to pay so that those with a disability can enjoy the game too.

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Can someone send me a tutourial on how to play the game cos this isnt the gears of war im used to i just play way too ■■■■ and cannot use this crap shotgun to save my life i cant find my sensitivity or deadzone cannot popshot in this game cannot strafe in this game all i can do is get assists grenade kills and sniper kills in koth and rarely a few shotgun kills
I cannot use the gnasher in this game its terrible

You have to play for two shots with the Gnasher in its current state. Use cover pop out hit mid range shot. Repeat. You cant one shot. Controller settings 27,27,27 inner deadzone 3 outer 1.