Focused feedback: Core gameplay (PVP)

@XeroShinobi what you said ×1000

Holeupaminute, I’m guessing neither of you have ever actually had a high ping time - as an Australian player that often gets thrown into US servers - trust me that higher ping does not give god-like abilities.

Actually anything above 180ms is a sh*t show of epic proportions - shots never register as being fired, melee hits don’t connect, sometimes you can’t even kill a DBNO enemy even if you spam B, you get gibbed by opponents when their back is turned - not to mention it occasionally turns into groundhog day.

I literally live 1ms away from an Australian data center and when the Azure server nextdoor does grace me with its presence everything is as smooth as butter and everything works as intended.

So why do us high-ping players put up with it? Because for us non-US players the alternative is waiting 15 minutes to get a match of ‘quickplay’.

I’d rather make a concession on my ping than waste 25% of my playtime.

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Thank you for putting things into perspective, this forum needs more of that.


@Apollo_BS75 that’s pretty much how the game plays out on low ping too.

Going on what is said on the forums, and my own personal experience, the best ping to have is anywhere in the 40-120 range, where the game magically seems to play fairly smoothly.
I’ve been cleaning up on U.S. servers during koth gnashers on 80-90 ping.


-Aim Assist: I still don’t understand after the main complaint of 4 that both pros and casual/people who take the game seriously without playing ranked playlists both agreed on was that there was no need to have different tunings for playlist. Yet they go on and take it an extra step further and add aim assist. Just can’t take the game seriously when my reticle has to be smack dab on someone to land a shot while someone else can be off with their shots missing slightly left or right but it registering as a full hit. Makes it so lower level players can compete and putting it in the hands of someone that can bounce and knows how to play just makes them even stronger

  • Choppiness: I’m not sure if it’s lag or me not using the updated Xbox but a lot of times players move with this choppy effect to them. Throws me off and looks weird. I don’t wanna attribute it to lag because their pings are usually good but they still end up moving choppy

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

since server side update 11.02.2020 the movement has drastically improved from strafing to sliding into cover. The gnasher was HUGELY improved BUT seems to have ALMOST
returned to the AWFUL TU3 gnasher as its returned to that inconsistent hit and miss phase it was in and the delay input is ever present now and it feels like inconsistency could be to do with the servers (UK) as I’m constantly matched with ppl with double or more ping than my 25 ping.

All in all you guys at the coalition seem to be making progress and i would say it’s not that your taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back but more like 1 step forward and half a step back.

I will always give you a chance to improve so i will wait until the next update and try out the changes then if I’m not happy with them I’ll leave the game alone until the next update rather than bash the coalition as it’s hypocritical to say “things have got to change!” And " TC gave ruined gears!" Like a lot of the community do without trying out what TC are working on.

Cheers peeps


What you’re not acknowledging is that when you play on a server and get 180ms ping, all the crap you’re describing happens the other way when the low ping people try to shoot you. Your shots appear to come out of your ■■■, you sponge like crazy. You’ll slingshot or straight up teleport. It’s not fun.

Now, again, you might claim that it’s fair. You’re having trouble hitting stuff and your opponent is having trouble hitting you. But the problem is that the connection causing all of this is yours, not your opponent’s. The game shouldn’t be trying to equalize anything when the disparity is that large. You should be the only one to suffer in that circumstance. Your connection shouldn’t ruin the experience for anyone else.


Ive uninstalled the game its terrible the worst gears by far no exaggeration. If you dont get the gib you have 99% chance of dying im fed up of this.
I got players messaging me trash and i told them 1v1 me in gears 3 or 1 and they declined
1 dumb guy said gears 5 has more skill will better lancer and less op gnasher and i cant believe he said that. The series has died hope the coalition go bankrupt for making this the worst gaming experience ever.
Im not a trash player ive beat gears 1 on insane by myself and im decent at multiplayer
In gears 5 i cannot do anything cos nothing works
In gears 3 i shoot a guy twice from close range he goes down in gears 5 i get 84% in 2 hits while he gets 100% in one
im done these new fans and messed up the community everyone used to use shotguns but in this its just lancer boltok melee flashbang and sometimes shotgun

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That’s what i was thinking too. When I’m playing with 20 ping against even a 60 never mind 180 then my input data is being sent to the sever 3x faster which means they’re receiving ot 3x fast which means they react 3x faster which means i die 3x more then to add more complexity to the whole situation the game tries to adjust it all via “lag compensation”

Its not the 60 pings players fault but doesn’t stop it from infuriating me lol

The only thing I find wrong in Gears 5 is elite controlled players.

I have been using an Xbox elete controller since November first. I have realised the movent from my elite is worse than a noob using a patato as a controller
I have gone though Microsoft 3 times for replacements thinking its the remote.
I wanted to say the updates were the problems, I wanted to say tc was breaking the game at every update. I wanted to say Gears 5 is a not a good Gears… No I was wrong. It was my dumb pride on buying an elite

Over the last few weeks of my FFA adventure I have realised how the axcessories menu stick functions makes me look like a cheater.

Sadly now I see very similar “elite” movement from other players in FFA. You have to consider elite controllers breaking the game to cause regular controller owners to get but hurt thinking Gears is the problem or buggy. I understand there is an anti cheat engine that helps prevent abuse with scripted 3rd party remotes. But I think the Gears 4 version of anti cheat ate my rank.

No, Gears is just not compatible with it. For a fact I’ve only had two interactions with humans in live conversations about the elite and they informed me that they have an elete but have a remote for Gears.

I personaly haven’t had a single good game since I rage smashed my previous remote all the way back in September.

I lost my G4 2v2 onyx rank over night and it now will not give me any rank at all when I see if my problem is 5 related. I check the ranking percentage site and I’m locked at 0% and I lose rank in G4 when ever I play tdm or koth and perform to a good extent. I understand it’s normal to lose rank but it’s at an extremely high rate. My only theory is the remote and the secret menu.
I personaly feel that Gears at application launch should make a check and warn users of the elite remote that it is not properly compatible with Gears games and they are gonna to have a bad time. Or provide proper simple manual any idoit like me can use and get comfortble with.
Microsoft has provided no documentation on these elte controllers. Besides how to install the battery or USB wire.

Ive spent my time trying to get comfortable with the remote and the addition features of the Xbox axcessories app. I have googled and YouTubes and even redit for information and I feel like I fully understand the features it provides. Even though I might have 20 minuits of feeling like I’m playing good. Then the rest of my session is gradually getting worse

I feel like I was becoming a very decent player before I had an elite. I would be sweating pounds as I was wall bouncing my way up the ranks in 2v2 G4. I almost always rage quit rank matches or just turn my tv off while I afk because I know I’m a player who lost my ability.
If I had a original remote I feel like I would have confidence as a player. I have a 'low medium High " set of controller numbers. With the elite I’m always changing my numbers because it never feels the same. I’m losing my life in 2v2 matcha because I go in to the axcessories app to adjust some of the sliders there.

For the last 5 months I’ve had way to much pride in controlling with an elite. But that gets me no where’s because you need confidence in your ability and controller to be a Gear.

I have burned my bridges with friends and family because I haven’t been able to bust a nut to make me sasitifed with my gaming session. My attitude has been very sour. And it’s taken a very long time to fully understand why I’m depressed more then the usual amount.

I’ve abused stimulants thinking I was not stimulated enough.

Now I just have been playing to keep my hands sasitifed, and I have given up on playing rank matches. I literally only play ffa as I’m so sick of pve because I do not want to play humans with this remote. I typical rage quit and then play again.

I hope for future plans you take the fact there are dump people with elite remotes breaking the game for other players.

I have no enjoyment in the game. And I rather look at my male cog gear on the menu then play at the moment.

It’s my fault I broke the game for everyone who’s crying about a person moving weird as not intended

If requested will dig up a clip I captured when I did a “elite movements kill” on TC octus during a stream. Because I know for a fact I can only get weird kills like that. Plus the fact I only made 6 elmitiations in that game I feel like a truly died on the inside. .I’ve played dimoand players before and I think I would of done better with a regular white remote.

Yes I hate to post twice. But I don’t even use the lancer or reto Secondary function because I just am in the heat of the moment and knife fight.

I don’t like how the knife is like magic with magnifying properties. Because I feel so dirty doing it with little to no skill involved. I miss the effort and aim a melee with elbow took.

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lol I started a joke with my friends whenever an enemy tries to do a double or triple melee “he’s throwing elbows like it’s Gears 2” :joy:

I think i might be having a bad day i just played 3 and got destroyed by hyperwallbouncers i just want gears 5 to be fixed

LOL I have no idea what you were talking about for most of this post, but I must say it was 100% worth reading in the end.


The Xbox elete controller should be fk’n banned from Gears 5. If you never used one. Then you do not know how it breaks player movement.

I’m trying to figure out the choppy motion issue too. Opponents look like they’re running at 6 frames/sec. I’m not exaggerating. It seems the closer the opponent and I are to each other, the worse it is. It was not like this last month.

I just uninstalled/reinstalled Gears last night. Did not help. I am thinking of doing factory reset on my Xbox but hesitant because I don’t know exactly what will be lost in the process. Of course I tried modem and router reboots, Xbox power cycle, etc. already. I am on the original Xbox One, not an S or X.

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First off I would like to thank Ghost for allowing us to speak on some of the problems within this game.

Next, I would like to say is… Gears of War 5 can become a great game (Better than Gears of War 3 & 4)

  1. Lag Spikes are out of control! When you are pinging at 50 and all of a sudden it spikes up to 200! this is unacceptable to make sure the issue was not on my side I brought a new router-modem combo which can handle over a gig in internet speeds and increased my internet package to 200mbps and the Xbox is now connected via ethernet and I still get lag spikes it’s like someone is DDOSin me.

  2. The Gnasher, this is the main weapon we use in this game and it’s inconsistent as hell and sometimes does not even register as a shot at close range not only that players know now just to rush you, get hit which will be 83% then chunk you for the full 100% then somebody comes along downs them and gets your points not fair at all

  3. Teammates quitting in rank, this is a headache for sure in Koth, TC please find out a way to punish players for quitting one way is to not only band them after quitting for like 24hrs but, if you quit several times during the operation period you must perform a certain task before coming back to ranked. To add to this please only allow players with one re-up to play ranked having a level 1 no re-up players on your team that quit is Trolling! to the max

  4. Pressing RB to use the chainsaw was dumb why did you do this? Please return to B

  5. The Flashbang effect still stays on the screen sometimes after getting flash banged

  6. Fair matchmaking, I know this is hard to do but, each ranked match must be fair for everyone and if someone quits then the team at a disadvantage should not get penalized if they quit or finish the game, but if the team at a disadvantage wins they should get a BIG reward for playing their butts off

At the end of all of this, all I want is this game to be fair and to be fun to play, because as a gamer I have A LOT!!! of other games I can play other than gears but, since I am a dedicated fan I play it every day and just deal with all the crap the game throws at me.


I don’t want to highjack this thread so let’s keep this short. First, those Gateways are not good devices. You are better off with separate modems and routers as they have better performance all around. However, since you’re hard wired and still experiencing issues, I highly doubt it’s the equipment but it’s likely also not the game. I get teleporting lag in game but my ping stays stable at 20ms while someone else spikes. That’s a game issue, sure, but you actually spiking is likely a connection issue on your end. It could be the wire coming into your house or an issue from the pole outside. You’d have to have your ISP check it. I’ve had issues like this before with Xfinity. I’m just glad I was able to ditch them.

Also, as for your flash bang concern, an update today “supposedly” addressed this. We shall see if it worked.


I agree with a lot of what has already been mentioned. A couple of things not said:

  • add an “are you sure?” button for Social when you press B at the end of the match to backout.
  • not sure if the EU servers have been taken down for social or if its a bug, i’m always put on US now.

My current biggest gripe is that too much of the gameplay comes down to flashbangs in ranked KOTH.


Omg, I forgot about this. +1000, absolutely crazy this isn’t a thing