Focused feedback: Core gameplay (PVP)

What lag? There ain’t no lag!

(this is a fun one to watch at .25 speed)


Reward players more on their individual performance in Ranked, instead of relying so much on wins/losses.

Getting 105 eliminations only bumps me up 4% or so…



Just got paired on Guardian with a player who had 15 points total. He actually killed me, his teammate, with the ice on Icebound on purpose. The next match we get paired with him again and goes AFK with a final score of 3 Elims, 1 Down and 11 Deaths for 158 points. He intentionally jumped into a train… Went AFK immediately afterwards.

In Match 1, I got MVP on a loss.
In Match 2, I got 2nd on my team and whole game (no enemy was higher) on a loss

I lost points in both. All because we get a guy who is terrible at the game, a trolling team killer and an AFK player. That’s a messed up ranking system and being in Masters tier it’s not fair to lose points due to people refusing to play.

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I started playing 4 hit detection is better even with all the high pings. I have not touched 4 since 5 came out, untill two days ago i uninstalled gow 5. I swear the character size is more proportionate to the map size and the angles of the maps are better in 4 or its the field of view. The movement felt better too.


I dont think I can add beyond what above said.

I disagree with two things:

  1. I think slide speed SHOULD be faster than running. Give me GoW4’s slide/movement, please

  2. I don’t find the overkill to be a problem, it’s a pickup, both sides get one, on only 1 map, seriously, I find longshots far more annoying.

Actually I would list

8 rounds gnasher
40 rounds lancer
Aim assist set to off for all ranked modes
Chainsaw on B

As my top requests.

Followed by reverting to GoW4 movement, dropshot, boomshot, and frags.

I like the G5 smokes, incends,and shocks. Flashbangs should be more powerful, like in Horde, but single pickups like shocks.

  • Bring back Kills displayed on scoreboard. Eliminations are a poor way to convey what you are doing during a match.

  • Let us disable Bloodsprays. seeing a toilet when I get killed is childish

  • Give players the ability to separate dual function buttons (B, Hold B) or (RB, Hold RB)

  • Give players more incentive to do Executions. points aren’t worth it, (Stars, Scrap, Iron)

  • Visual indicator that shows Spawn Protection on enemy players

  • Buff the Markza back to where it was at launch.

By far the most pressing matter now is the painfully low map count and TC’s handwaving of that issue by saying that it takes time. It’s funny that it wasn’t a problem in Gears 4 even with rehashes.

  • Let the community create Escape and FFA maps, let them drive that content themselves to free up the team to make Versus Maps

  • Hire more map designers, if that means less cosmetic items on the store we’re fine with that. we don’t care about that JUNK

  • Bring back old maps, make new maps. just because a random twitter post says they hate gridlock doesn’t mean it’s going to upset the entire playerbase.

  • Stop overdeveloping maps to perfectly fit the Escalation game type. Everyone I know hates that mode and couldn’t care less if the esport scene suffers from it.


I love how 4 feels. Much more natural and intuitive. The flow is better. I can forgive the lag issues and occasional weird nonsense.


I like how

  1. Buff markza, and
  2. Nerf overkill

Are frequently mentioned.

It feels like these are related issues…

Markza had a huge boost in damage AND an increase in mag size. Lets give it the bigger power, but go back to 5 rounds. The Overkill didn’t get an 8 round mag, with higher power, why should the markza…

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One simple thing- The T800 and REV9 need to be banned from all PVP, and especially from ranked.

So many players exploit it by blending into the shadows and the corners of cover, I understand that you’re just using the tools that you’ve been provided but you are diminishing the enjoyment other players are getting from the game, and for that you should feel bad.


Movement is fine now. Gnasher is op at distance. Fix up- and back-a, please! And ADD SOME MAPS!!!


Shotgun is terrible and the pellets arent hitting even though im clearly aiming at the guy.
People are surviving my first shot and they kill me in theirs from the same distance
Also i shoot like 4 bullets into people trying to run around cover and some pellets hit but they still dont go down how much times do you want me to shoot someone
And why is there still 6 bullets in the gnasher and this disabled reload where it gives you 3 bullets if you dont get an active sometimes you dont have time to hit an active cos an enemy is close to you
Also the movement is dog ■■■■ i dont even know how to suggest fixing it unless they revert to gears 3 movement
Another massive problem im having is my gnasher doesnt want to shoot sometimes so muh times i press rt and 1 bullet comes out and when i press it again nothing comes out what the hell is wrong with this game


Did you check your ping? I have the same issues at low ping, but when im 30 or 50 ping all my shots register normal.


The biggest issue right now (IMO) (not sure if this is a PC only problem) is that at low ping this game falls apart. If i am between 10-20 ping nothing registers. Last night i had between 30-50 ping 4 matches in a row and the game felt amazingly smooth, and i enjoyed the tuning. I had very few questionable shots.


I do wonder about that.

I can’t confirm that all of them are Xbox players but most people I see that say a sub-20 ping feels great are on Xbox. It’s my PC friends who, like me, have major issues with a ping that low.

A delay or glitch added in by the lag compensation? Who knows. I’d like an answer regarding this though.


You can modify the chainsaw back to the B button through controller layout. I’m the same way. It was natural to me.

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Nah. Don’t ban the terminators haha I just dropped $20 the other day when I got super wasted haha…

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I guess my feed back would be just 4.

Create content so I can use my 15,000 scrap…

Create 3-4 original maps & bring back 2 old maps.

Bring back Samantha, but the hot version so I can stare at her physique as I slaughter people … oh & some OG’s for the veterans because we have to remember why gears is gears.

Take aim assist off. I hate aim assist cross on koh, it’s hellacious. Even on tdm but oh, on koh it’s like “wow”… besides if it’s ranked I want sheer skill. Like 2v gnasher there’s no aim assist & I really enjoy that because if I die it’s because I deserved it.

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Universal aim assist tuning across the entire game. All PVP and PVE modes. No exceptions of any kind.

A discussion can be had as to how much stick and magnetism is best. The new “adhesion” has to go completely. The reduction wasn’t enough. Adhesion does not belong in Gears. Not even in Arcade mode.

One of the things that makes Gears 4 feel so much more satisfying to play is its lack of aim adhesion. All aim adhesion does is rob you of legitimate kills, and grant you kills you didn’t earn. Whichever way it’s working in any given instance, it’s ruining the feel of the game.


I would like for lag compensation programming to be the only thing that equalizes ping disparity. I do not like their being delays added to low ping players. Dont punish me for living closer to the data center/and or having a faster more stable internet x. If lag comp cant do the job, then make it so that low ping ques in lobbies w/low ping only. And vice versa. It is not balancing anything by making certain players have input differences. That is just unfair.


TC has the wrong philosophy when it comes to lag compensation. They seem to view it as a positive when it is a necessary evil. The smallest amount of lag compensation possible to make the game feel good for the typical player with a good connection getting put on the closest server is the correct amount. Lag compensation exists to create a level, smooth playing field despite the physical reality that not everyone lives precisely the same distance away from any given server. Lag compensation should never be used to try to create equity for players with very poor connections or very high pings.

Players with poor connections and/or very high pings (not necessarily the same thing) should absolutely be punished for it. Dusting is a good punishment for high pings. People with very high network congestion or notable packet loss? Instead of slingshotting or teleporting, they should stay put on everyone else’s screen and still be able to take damage server side. TC may view it as the person with the bad connection may not necessarily be to blame for it, but aside from the fact that they often are (stealing your neighbor’s wifi is not a gaming-worthy connection), it certainly is not the fault of their opponents with immaculate connections.