Focused feedback: Core gameplay (PVP)

I’m not getting into the ranked stats… Cus that’s a whole animal with wildly varying views. Same with quitters and latency issues.

  • I don’t like how gears 5 pvp feels. I don’t know why in a way that I can point out specifics. I like how 4 feels. Something feels more in control about 4 for me. This may have to do with the previous mouse and key issues on 5. Perhaps minor things are still undiscovered. Things with movement and aim. Pop shot and blind firing. Movement just feels weird sometimes like I have one roller blade on and my aim feels difficult to maintain control of especially in pop shots.

  • No extra health on breaker mace

  • Uneven Longshot positions on Vasgar in KOTH.

  • Stupid expressions menu getting stuck on my screen in a fight.

  • more total food for the gnasher

  • Move chainsaw off the dang reload button.

  • the ‘U’ chat button doesn’t do anything sometimes unless you hit ESC and then press U again. (Before and after match.)

  • Squad play is disadvantageous compared to running solo (assuming no quitters in solo). This kinda gets into ranked tho so I’ll skip.

  • Make markza great again… good god it is horrid.

  • Mute players also mutes their emotes.

  • 5 flashbangs hitting you at the same time.

  • Ring break times are too long and too sensitive. Prone to not breaking at times.

  • I think a lot of folks want new maps. (well done maps)

  • I’d like a map to have a button similar to the furnace in (is it forge?) except instead of burning the people in the oven it just kills everyone on the map including the person pressing it. It can only be hit once in a round and it only unlocks after a certain random period of time with no notification on tac com.

  • Lot of people would like rankings to show up. And matchmaking suggestions. I think there are useful, alternate solutions to showing them, if TC is super against it.

  • The terminator blends into the dark and that can be annoying.

  • detailed stats breakdown instead of the short 4 category thing on the stats page. Being back war journal.

  • I hate laser beams

  • Faster weapon switch. It’s hard to bag a weapon when you know you’re going down.

  • Better community support/feedback/interaction in versus. Not just sitting behind the Twitter tower. (that is hard to get a response to now compared to 4)

  • Active reloads on certain weapons are almost a necessity for that weapon to be worth it. I feel some of them could be tweaked better.

  • Over cover shooting for medium to long range weapons (mouse and keyboard anyway) seems to be inconsistent and poor registration.

  • Grenades doing stupid things. For example:

    Everything about what happens here felt so dumb.

I’ll add more if I think of them.


I’d like to see the movement more change to be quicker and more fluid. Something similar to that of Gears 4 would be preferred. As it is now, the movement is weird and very inconsistent for some reason and at times becomes unpredictable with cover.

Also, better net code. Like it or not, you need to realize the online stability and performance is poor. Players are being disconnected from matches that have solid connections and then blaming the enemy team for DDOS. Other games don’t have these issues so it needs to be addressed as it’s not always client side. The game isn’t synced properly either. On Exhibit, the enemy shot a Torque onto the bridge where Torque spawns. I wasn’t even on the bridge but rather behind the pillar off the bridge. I died. I asked the player, who kindly told me he hie me dead on and I was on the bridge. Very poor desync.

Going along with that, fix the hit detection. In a Guardian match tonight, my friend downed the Leader and while touching the leader he shot him. No kill. An enemy comes from behind and kills him. Another friend of mine shot the same leader 3 times while he was down and again, no kill. Leader was able to get up and we downed him again and I shot him 3 times and again, no kill. My friend finally killed him. That’s ridiculous and there’s no way that’s acceptable. Also, as Leader, I had Boomshot in hand and an enemy came at me. My whole team saw it. Shot lined up, released and boom. Enemy is nailed dead on. Except he wasn’t,… No hit marker, just the empty promises of a dud. I got pushed and killed as I reloaded.

Flashbangs need to go. They’re obnoxious and add nothing to the game. All they’ve caused is glitching and enemies getting “stunned” but not really. If you can’t properly show if an enemy is stunned or not on a consistent basis they need to go. I shouldn’t be shot dead by an enemy who has their arm up from being stunned just because my client says they were but your server crapped out… That’s unacceptable.

Give us a toggle to disable the E-Mote wheel. In intense battles it’s very easy to click the right stick in which makes battling very difficult. Most of us die hard fans don’t give a damn about this feature you only added in for the Fortnite crowd and to say you have more content. It’s useless and not needed in the Gears universe so at least us disable it.

Dump the ranking system and focus on the game play issues. If you won’t dump it, change it back to PERFORMANCE being the biggest impact. Isn’t it like 80/20 wins to performance now? It’s a dumb idea. You’ve turned the Diamond ranks into a joke because even life-long Gold and Onyx players who get carried are making high ranks now. It’s just not a good system and if this is how it’s going to work just ditch it.

Ban Terminator skins from ranked play. On maps such as Exhibit and Asylum they’re almost impossible to see in the dark areas while everyone else sticks out like they’re rainbows or something.

Fix your audio. Many times an enemy will run up to you with no directional audio. The next time they will be loud as hell as if you’re making up for the mess up the first time. Also, grenade audio needs a mass improvement. Too many times a grenade goes off before the “tink tink (bouncing), beep beep, Boom”. I shouldn’t hear that AFTER I died but rather before. This is a common issue and it has existed since Gears 4. I remember you said this issue wasn’t possible to fix in Gears 4 but it would be fixed in Gears 5. Well, sorry to say but it wasn’t fixed at all. It may even be worse.


This is so true. Been watching streams lately and it’s crazy, I’ll see Diamond 3 players finishing 4th-5th on their (stacked) team and they’re being rewarded for it game after game because the rest of their stack carried.

They changed it because people didn’t like how it felt to lose points from a win but it’s like… Be honest with yourself, if you lost points in a win that probably meant you could have done better.

  1. Overkill is OP…please nerf
  2. Right stick expressions menu popping up can be irritating during movement
  3. Flashbang should be restricted to 2 per team in 5v5
  4. Footsteps of opponents are hard to notice compared to gears 4

1). Allow for fast movement, for those that can control and make use of it.

2). Remove Delays - movement and shooting.

3). Fix Up-As and Back As (inconsistent)

4). Restore Lancer Range (I can accept lowered damage as it is)

5). Restore Markza to Launch Please

6). Flash as Pickup

7). Reduce Smoke Effect Time

8). Make Gnasher a Consistent Chunker - no random numbers please / point blanks

9). KOTH Spawns needs looking at across all maps

10). For the love of god ADD SOME MAPS !! - give us remakes from 1-2-3 as they easily had the best maps. New Maps can come with Ops.

11). Balance Matchmaking - allow Regions to mix easier after 2-5 mins.

12). Add a Level Requirement before coming into Ranked (Level 50 Minimum).

13). Option for completely plain Omen

14). Bring back every precious Gears Weapon for MP


I’ve said multiple points over many posts since launch, but I’ll try and summarise a few for this topic…

  • There should be an option to return the Chainsaw (and the ridiculous Grenade Launcher) to B (HOLD). Yes, for those that love the GL it would be awkward but the funny thing is I couldn’t care less. It’s optional. The option should be there for us older fans and not to mention the numerous accidental reloads it causes. Terrible idea to begin with.
  • Ideally the original weapon melee should be restored to not conflict with the above point, but that’s clearly not going to happen. The knife melee has never worked properly since launch. A needless change by TC.
  • There should be an option for classic weapon reticles. The new “precision” ones are, mostly, terribly un-Gears-like. Personally I find the original Longshot reticle easier to aim with over the new one, for example. Very disappointing.
  • Executions should have an option to be restored to Y. B has enough functions as it is and it makes little since, outside of Arcade, that this change was ever made to start with.
  • Give us the bloody curb stomp back! It was a classic feature of the Franchise and the fact it’s been reduced to a long execution for the Snub is nothing short of an insult!
  • As many of you know, I hate the Immersive Omen. It’s one of the worst, most hideous creations I’ve ever seen in the Gears Universe (and that includes Delivery Driver Mac…). To add insult to injury, TC then announced ’A Simple Omen’, which turned out to be little more than a briefly toned down version of the abomination. I want the Classic Omen from previous games. It’s not difficult.
  • Weapon recoil is out of control. It has been since the beginning. There was no need for it, Gears of War 4 was fine in that sense. I get the idea was to add some “realism” to the game, but you have a machine gun with a chainsaw on a different planet…so realism isn’t exactly a necessity.
  • I haven’t played since last year, so I can’t personally comment on the Gnasher but I actually find the “plan” to be particularly aggravating. This kind of organisation, optimism and enthusiasm should’ve been shown immediately after launch. Not 5 months down the line. I was a fan of the Gears 4 Core Gnasher, but Gears 5’s gnasher was hard to judge considering my shots would barely register anyway.
  • You ruined my Hammerburst, primarily with the recoil. I am a big fan of it, being my favourite weapon since Gears of War 2. Gears of War 3 topped it off, I was infamous for it. Gears of War 4 did some damage by returning it to burst, which made little sense, but I could adapt eventually…until they removed it from loadout. Not happy.
  • Flashbangs need to go. This is not up for discussion.
  • I hate the Banners. It doesn’t suit this game at all and looks ridiculously childish.
  • Emotes are cringeworthy, such as the mighty General RAAM dancing with the “Hype” emote. Disgusting. They’ll never be removed, but an option to disable them from the right stick (as said above by Krylon) should be given to avoid the damn menu blocking the view.
  • I DESPISE the fact TC did not bring the Queen back as the pre/post round announcer for the Swarm. Such a terrible miss of a good opportunity, it would’ve brought back some familiar feelings for older fans and not to mention some beautiful new dialogue for the legendary Carolyn Seymour. Niles? Really? Such a disappointment. I could’ve even have accepted the Reyna/Myrrah hybrid’s voice.
  • The pistol animation is terrible, I much preferred the older one.
  • Explosives are practically useless. The Boomshot is the weakest it ever has been, needed an almost direct hit to kill.
  • The Terminator characters, as much as I love that Franchise and Arnold, have been a joke since launch. They blend in too easily and are infinitely annoying in general (especially that female Terminator with the “Let me talk to your supervisor!” haircut. I forget her name).
  • Frag tags are worst than ever, the new animation often results in tagging the frag in an entirely different location than you aimed for.
  • Footstep audio, and general audio for that matter, is gravely I consistent and misleading. It’s inconvenient in general and an absolute nightmare for those of us who have a decent headset.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’ll do for now.


I forgot to add

Absolutely please revert Chainsaw and Executions to B.

The way it was.

My muscle memory refuses to change.


I agree with all your points,

For sure.

It’s making me a little depressed reading all these points.

This much into the game already and it needs a big injection into QoL to help save what’s left tbh.

This is what we were saying back in Gears 4 days.

I would have expected 5 to have nailed 80-90% of these issues with a little to do after launch.

Do I just look forward to Gears 6 in a few years time and hope for the best?

Feels that way right now.


Im not going to spend too much time going into details since everyone has basically gone into this in numerous posts, but the key to make this game successful is having fun, consistent game play. And for me personally when the game is consistent it is fun. Unfortunately, consistent games are rare.

For some reason the game played amazingly well and consistent from February 11th to February 17th and now has returned to its inconsistent mess.

The next major issue is the ranking system. This new system has made it way, way too easy to carry people far above their true rank. The performance element of rank needs to be increased, and in reality the ranking system should be reverted to what it was minus the bugs and glitches. Rescaling of the divisions was fine, and i dont have issues with how quitting is currently being handled. But i hate to see people getting to Ranks that they truly don’t belong in. In the long run its going to make matchmaking very poor, and it also takes away from the achievement of getting there for people that have to work for it.


Could take a while but.

  1. return to 4v4.
    20% more games with the same player-base
    Smaller maps are quicker and easier to make
    Less chance of being crossed from multiple angles
    5v4 is harder than 4v3, therefore, less impact when people quit

  2. Remove wraparounds
    I shouldn’t be dying to a shot I can’t even see happening (often made worse when ping issues)

  3. Cooldown on bouncing
    Wallbouncing and canceling is fine. Hyperbouncing is stupid and looks ridiculous. It completely breaks the immersion of the game when someone is spazming around the map.

  4. Flashes as pickups.
    No explanation needed

  5. Ping. Eu servers have been shocking lately.

That’s all I got for now.
If they can fix those then I’ll think again.


YES, that expressions screen popping up during a battle is SO annoying.

Please give us an option to turn that off… PLEASE!


Yes, disable the emotes wheel thing!!


Yeah, for sure!

  1. Flashbangs are still one of the major problems in PVP. It should not be in loadout but if it needs to be in the game. At least make it so players only can use it every 5th respawn. Or make it so it can explode on the user if enemies are shooting it,

  2. Players that stands still for a certain amount of time should be auto marked.

  3. Chainsaw should have more variations and animation while moving.

  4. Players should not be able to keep running when getting bricked 85% only to gib the shooter after reaching the extra units.

  5. The Markza should be a little bit stronger

  6. Health regeneration should start if a player kills someone.

  7. Meatsheilds should be able to block explotions…

these are some points that came to me right now.

I do see that allot of player have problems when they removed the stopping power on the lancer. So i guess that going to be a balance thing aswell.

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I knew what you meant :joy:.

The crazy thing will always be that they had Gears of War 4 as a good template yet chose to completely ignore it and all they’d learned over it’s lifespan.


I am happy with how PvP works right now. The Gnasher and player movement both feel consistent in every enemy engagement. I made a post in the Gears 2 forums 10 years ago stating that my number one concern was about lag and consistency and if those two problems were addressed I could enjoy any Gears game. That game is Gears 5.

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You must be getting really lucky? Lol playing on console?

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I’m a lucky guy, yes.

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Lol okay console might have less issues not sure. I know TC mentioned that some issues are specific to PC.

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I’ve had the opposite experience.

Playing solo queue has rewarded me much more than playing in a stack does.

For examples (Between Onyx 3 and Diamond 3):
Solo loss but top of my team or MVP - I will lose 0-30ish pts
Solo loss but MVP and blow it out of the water - I gain between 0 - 90 pts
Solo win top of team or MVP - gain between 0-90 pts
Solo win, MVP, blow it out the water - gain between 0-240 pts

Here’s a good example of a solo game that I was screwed from the get go in but I still gained 90 points.

Obviously, can’t factor in the favored team stats cus I don’t know the impact and didn’t record the data for every match. I could have gotten lucky and been matched in a beneficial way.

Now - for playing in a stack of high level players:

Loss but on lower half of my team - I will lose 0-80 pts
Loss but top of my team or MVP - I will lose 0-20ish pts
Loss but MVP and blow it out of the water - (loss 0-20 or gain 0-20)
Win top of team or MVP - gain between 0-90 pts
Win MVP, blow it out the water - gain between 0-120 pts

Again, can’t factor in the favored team stats cus I don’t know the impact and didn’t record the data for every match.

Of course your mileage may vary and your experience may be different. I don’t know much about the ranked system other than this is how it has seemed to work for me.

I like squad play with friends but I also find it a major drawback as far as game progression goes. Lobbies take longer to find and I just haven’t seen any advantage in points from it. If anything there is tougher competition for less reward because you need to compete with your own high level teammates for that MVP slot to get the maximum point reward, which is minimal, really. I can’t imagine how long and boring it would be for a gold player to get carried into masters like that.

However, all this may change in Diamond 4. Perhaps the well dries up and solo losses become a black hole of point subtraction. Maybe I get stuck and have to rely on a good squad to grind those meek little points to move up bit by bit.

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