Focused feedback: Core gameplay (PVP)

Yeah, for sure!

  1. Flashbangs are still one of the major problems in PVP. It should not be in loadout but if it needs to be in the game. At least make it so players only can use it every 5th respawn. Or make it so it can explode on the user if enemies are shooting it,

  2. Players that stands still for a certain amount of time should be auto marked.

  3. Chainsaw should have more variations and animation while moving.

  4. Players should not be able to keep running when getting bricked 85% only to gib the shooter after reaching the extra units.

  5. The Markza should be a little bit stronger

  6. Health regeneration should start if a player kills someone.

  7. Meatsheilds should be able to block explotions…

these are some points that came to me right now.

I do see that allot of player have problems when they removed the stopping power on the lancer. So i guess that going to be a balance thing aswell.

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I knew what you meant :joy:.

The crazy thing will always be that they had Gears of War 4 as a good template yet chose to completely ignore it and all they’d learned over it’s lifespan.


I am happy with how PvP works right now. The Gnasher and player movement both feel consistent in every enemy engagement. I made a post in the Gears 2 forums 10 years ago stating that my number one concern was about lag and consistency and if those two problems were addressed I could enjoy any Gears game. That game is Gears 5.

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You must be getting really lucky? Lol playing on console?

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I’m a lucky guy, yes.

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Lol okay console might have less issues not sure. I know TC mentioned that some issues are specific to PC.

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I’ve had the opposite experience.

Playing solo queue has rewarded me much more than playing in a stack does.

For examples (Between Onyx 3 and Diamond 3):
Solo loss but top of my team or MVP - I will lose 0-30ish pts
Solo loss but MVP and blow it out of the water - I gain between 0 - 90 pts
Solo win top of team or MVP - gain between 0-90 pts
Solo win, MVP, blow it out the water - gain between 0-240 pts

Here’s a good example of a solo game that I was screwed from the get go in but I still gained 90 points.

Obviously, can’t factor in the favored team stats cus I don’t know the impact and didn’t record the data for every match. I could have gotten lucky and been matched in a beneficial way.

Now - for playing in a stack of high level players:

Loss but on lower half of my team - I will lose 0-80 pts
Loss but top of my team or MVP - I will lose 0-20ish pts
Loss but MVP and blow it out of the water - (loss 0-20 or gain 0-20)
Win top of team or MVP - gain between 0-90 pts
Win MVP, blow it out the water - gain between 0-120 pts

Again, can’t factor in the favored team stats cus I don’t know the impact and didn’t record the data for every match.

Of course your mileage may vary and your experience may be different. I don’t know much about the ranked system other than this is how it has seemed to work for me.

I like squad play with friends but I also find it a major drawback as far as game progression goes. Lobbies take longer to find and I just haven’t seen any advantage in points from it. If anything there is tougher competition for less reward because you need to compete with your own high level teammates for that MVP slot to get the maximum point reward, which is minimal, really. I can’t imagine how long and boring it would be for a gold player to get carried into masters like that.

However, all this may change in Diamond 4. Perhaps the well dries up and solo losses become a black hole of point subtraction. Maybe I get stuck and have to rely on a good squad to grind those meek little points to move up bit by bit.

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Yeah there are supposedly multipliers depending on both whom you out perform on your team and also the quality of the opponent. So your points could increase based on your rank and how your performed compared to people higher/lower ranks on your team. And also the same for your opponent.

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That seems like a reasonable and intelligent way to assess rank, to be honest.

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For sure. I mean i really dont think the ranking system is all that bad. I would like to see at least a little more emphasis on performance, especially to separate at the top ranks. But there is some performance element at least.

Also, prior to the win/loss based system people werent playing the objectives. Since you could gain more losing and racking up high numbers of eliminations.

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Yeah i think they may have actually improved that to a degree. I remember capping was almost a thankless chore at launch.

Taking changes into consideration this screen is actually a good example. I spent most of the game not capping or breaking and one guy on my team was a real trooper. 20 caps…

There’s still a 5k point difference between us but there’s also ~30/10 variance in elims.

I think caps/breaks are still a little weak for me. I’d love to see them worth a little more- but most of the matches I’ve played both teams seem very determined to play objectives. If the win/loss change is what made people change their style then I think it was overall positive.


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I think there are two routes you could go with caps:

  1. Add points for Cap defenses- which IMO are more important than the caps themselves

  2. Add points per second the cap is held to the people who got the cap.


Option 2 is intriguing.

Cept I can hear the complaints already when a ‘noob’ strolls into the ring after a fight and before the cap and the 06 vet who fought hard for that ring was slain just prior.

(I am that noob)


Im just trying to look at ways to reward people playing the objective, but yeah that would happen to me lol. Even though your whole team regardless of playing the objective could be contributing there is an extra element of risk in getting a cap vs say playing support or long range sniper.

But at the same time a one second cap and a 60 second cap shouldn’t be equal.

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In ranked games, I heard that if someone on the other team quits. Then you’re getting zero points for the game. Is this true?

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No, you get zero points for each round win after someone quits. But i do think you can still get some performance points. But its very little. You still get points for the round they quit and the overall match result.

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Take salvo off of bunker. It’s overpowered.


Right so the point is. After all the server issues and finding a game. If you’re playing king of the hill. You just wasted about 30 minutes for no progress towards your rank. And in ranked there are no easy wins so if you lose to that four man team you’re rank drops dramatically. What’s up with that

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Well only the first person to quit gets a quit penalty. And everyone else can quit afterwards without penalty. I always keep playing though regardless.

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