Focused feedback: Core gameplay (PVP)

Yeah I spawned next to the enemy leader. Rare but it did happen. I’ll dig up the video from my recorder.


Little more than core gameplay in no particular order:

  • Quit penalties still need more severity
  • Team with the quitter should have some kind of forgiveness in ranked point loss if they lose while the full team should take a heavier hit if they lose
  • Remove the Rev and T-800 or alter them to be better seen in light, need to be louder as they’re the quietest characters, and fix their hitboxes as they sponge the most shots
  • Make it so flashbangs are a pickup in ranked
  • Flashbangs need a fix so they stop stunning you when thrown behind you and when you look away
  • Planted grenades still show on tac com to the enemy making them easily avoided
  • Add a longer delay to the melee across the board for Ranked (Quickmatch, Events, anything unranked can stay as is)
  • Option to disable R3 emote menu or make it a longer hold to bring up
  • Option to move the chainsaw, retro charge, and GL grenades to the B button
  • Markza has been useless since it was nerfed. Find a better balance (may have been too good pre-nerf so set the tone somewhere in the middle)
  • As a long time Execution player since Gears 1 this kills me to say but remove it from ranked and replace it with Dodgeball
  • Allow separate weapon skins for COG and Swarm loadouts
  • More characters (hoping for Clayton in Operation 3)
  • More original maps or remakes from Gears 1 and 2. Maybe some from 3. None from 4 as we just came from it (leave out Blood Drive and Checkout as they’re the worst)
  • Better map rotation. Sometimes we see the same few maps over and over.
  • Better weapon skins (these flower ones or rainbow ones, etc. are hot garbo. Does not fit this type of game).
  • Weapons seem to be decently balanced currently
  • Simple omen is great, much better than immersive. I’ve really gotten used to it
  • Remove eliminations from all gametypes in ranked and replace with kills and add assists to the scoreboard (can do a single column that is split i.e. 10/5 for 10 kills 5 assists). We can do math. Leave eliminations for Arcade and Quickplay
  • Ranked points still calculate incorrectly (MVP got me 2 total points winning a TDM 16-4 and 2 rounds to 0).
  • Remove the breaker mace from ranked or extend it’s respawn timer
  • In Guardian if you’re already on respawn and your leader dies you should be able to still respawn just like Gears 3 and 4. As it is now the leader dies and your timer keeps running but you don’t respawn. If you die after the leader dies, then yes, you’re SOL

That’s all I can think of for now

Only the first quitter should receive the penalty. I’ve played 2v2 Gnashers where my teammate quits after winning 1 round. I should not be punished for quitting the next round.


I mean you are not supposed to be according to the update notes.

this was actually talked about on stream the other week.

they are legally obligated to keep the skins in the game, as in they couldn’t remove them if they wanted to. the other stipulation was they can’t alter another company’s Intellectual Property, like lights or alterations to make it easier to see.

someone high up at TC or MS made a stupid marketing deal and now the devs are hamstrung and the players have to deal with it.

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Old man lucky here, adding my two cents:

Never had any problems with T-800s. Then again, I only see them on well-lit maps like Training Grounds, Foundation, and Allfathers Arena. I could see them being an issue on Asylum and District.

it’s not only a visual thing but audio as well. they have no chatter for things like tossing nades, calling for revives, missed reloads, and all the other battle chatter that help pinpoint teammates and enemy’s.

they had the money to get Linda Hamilton to record lines but not Arnold.

They’re a huge issue on Asylum and Exhibit. They’re also a problem on District. This is due to their dark and thin appearance so they’re not very visible. Their audio is very obvious due to the clanking but since the directional audio is so poorly implemented in this game that doesn’t help. Many players know the inherited advantages of using these characters so they will continue to do so.

The character needs to be removed from ranked, period. And because of their stupid licensing deals that can’t happen.

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Wait,what about the Cupid’s Torque Bow thing? As I recall, every character model had a heart for a head.

What’s your point?

I never played that mode so I wouldn’t know. But the Terminator is usable in ranked play and he blends in on any dark map.

Edit: Ah, I think I gotcha. They changed his appearance. I’m pretty sure they’d be able to do it for a special event but not as the norm maybe?

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Delays need to go. Hit reg is way too inconsistent for low ping. Low ping is a good thing. Should not be a detriment in this game. Fix your lag comp algorithm. If the high tic servers are doing what they should be doing, I should be shooting and hitting players just like those with higher ping hit me. Lag comp should not make low ping player metallic glass and higher ping players sponges. Its not that complicated. Quit making it so generous for everybody but low ping…
Shooting out of roadie run needs to happen. Its ridiculous that you can’t run with your gun and fire it when you are stopping. The delays on shooting out of a roll need to go. Lastly, holding a corpse and smacking at somebody with your pistol should not be an effective counter to a shotgun. 1 shot from a shotgun should end all that nonsense. I can’t stand the meatshield. Its ridiculous.
THE GAME NEEDS OPTIMIZATION. ITS WAY TOO INCONSISTENT. I can get gibbed from 10 feet away. Yet today I walked up.on a player standing in the back of the pickup truck on Dam, fired directly at the head/neck area from roughly 3 feet away, and did 87%. From a shotgun blast to the upper body.


Yh the meatshield doesnt break fast enough its too op
And idk why there is delay for coming out of a roadie run or walbouncing its stupid

Fix the matchmaking as in I’m from the UK so match me with UK players and not US or mexicans

And fix the input delay when roadie running to stopping and shooting the gnasher.

As for the pings, before the last update i was playing with 25 ping and getting matched with 60 pingers which is double mine and now I’m playing at 10 ping which is great… until you see the opposite team and they have 60+ which is 6x more than mine which is even worse.

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@LiL_ZeDDy I’m glad someone agrees w/me on the meatshield. Every body says its easily countered. They said move behind it. Aim for the head. I’ve tried all of that and I still can’t down the person. They can stand there and their will be 3 people at close range shooting at them and they won’t go down. Then you get close and they start swinging that pistol around like its a mace or something. I’m like, really? Dude can hold up a full grown man or swarm character and shoot and reload a pistol, and absorb a thousand bullets and shotgun blast and melee? These people are supermen.

Meat shield is weak as it is any lower what’s the point of it

Don’t suck

@mrflankys707 okay. The ole “git gud” perspective. I would actually prefer the meatshield to not exist at all. Im not really sure how you conclude that 'it’s weak" . what pray tell is your rationale for that statement Thy Gaming God…


From what I remember of the older movies the T-800 is actually silver in color, it’s not metallic black or matte black. If they’re gonna design a character from another IP the least they could do is get it right. That’ll be the easiest fix.

With regards to the REV-9 I can’t say anything since I didn’t see that movie. Idk what it looks like. I only know the actor playing it.

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