Focused feedback: Ally EXP

Finally hit level 4 with an ally.

3000+ horde waves
Many escape chapters
Some versus
Some campaign chapters

Almost 5 months of playing together.

It’s crazy.


Got BFF last night. Good luck to all who is trying to get it. It took about 24 days in Co-Op VS AI.


And you are not even half way there hehe


My friends ally total is about 43000 xp, :man_shrugging:

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Well. Not all players want to play with dummy accounts. This will take forever if you do it legit.

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Ginger is doing fine :wink:

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If u want to spend FOREVER doing it LEGIT as u say then thats ur choice.

U do realise that some ppl may not have 4 other friends that like gears 5 or friends that even care about the achievement, im only suggesting the best way to do it.

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Yes. I have the same problem. We are playing with 2 dummy accounts. But this can’t be the solution…
We are forced to play versus. Escape is only for 3 players. Horde would be possible but it is just waste of time. 150xp for 50 waves!?
First I would lower the requirements for lvl 3-5. Even in this scenario it takes a while.
0-1 = 125 ally xp
1-2 = 500 ally xp
2-3 = 1500 ally xp
3-4 = 3750 ally xp
4-5 = 7500 ally xp

TOTAL = 13.375 ally XP

And maybe they should change horde from 3xp per wave to 5 or 6xp per wave. Still probably faster to do versus but it can help.
Or they are offering double ally xp from time to time.


Been playing with the only friend who still plays Gears5 since launch and we are still only Level3 allies. (Everyone else are still level 1/2 at most since they’ve quit playing.)


You still play?

I support this. What gets me is level 4 to 5 is more than level 1 to 4 combined. That’s ridiculous.

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Kinda weird having the ally xp requirement so insanely high that once you get a friend at lvl 5 you won’t need the xp bonus anymore.

If one thing has been proven it’s that TC should just keep things simple because if it’s not it will probably not work as intended and take 6 months to fix.

Just give a flat EXP boost to players in a party. no levels, no tiers, no BS.

better yet, remove it entirely so they can focus on important things.

Thanks for the thoughtful thread creation Ghost, and for all the feedback you’ve all provided.

Now we’ve got MPXP into a better place, Allies is our next focus for XP balancing. We haven’t got to a plan of action stage yet, but once we do, we’ll let you know. We’re definitely taking into account what’s being said here + the lofty achievements currently tied to the system.


Thank you for the update and kind words


How long does it really take to change xp levels? You could either lower the required xp, or more likely increase the xp gained per each event. Things like this don’t take weeks of deliberation. Politically correct answer but worthless for now.

Is there no one in charge now that can say raise it by “x” amount and move on? Would the game die if the achievements were made easier?

Advice: Quit trying to pace a game for three years through xp grinds. Create a game people love, and they will play it three years regardless of the grinds.


Yes and no. Friend uses my account throughout the week to play with his kid. I take it back periodically to play with him to work on certain achievements. So generally when “we” play together I usually mean “my gamertag” and him.

As such i have deleted and reinstalled this game multiple times now.

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The advice is spot on!!


I actually played with @TC_Clown last night. First time since december. You can bet I was pissed lmao


I think an xp boost for allies is definitely needed.

To be honest, as far as achievements go I’m really surprised it wasn’t:

  • Get an ally to level 5

And the second one should have been:

  • Play a MP game with a team of 5 level 1 allies.

Its hard work to expect to keep a group together for as long as it does currently. But yes, a significant xp boost is needed.