Focused feedback: Ally EXP

Hi community,

I wanted to create threads about specific topics in order to get detailed input from the forums. I am hoping people can give constructive feedback and help show TC what we as a group want.

Feel free to say your piece on that given topic in a constructive manner, but please avoid simple and unhelpful responses, like saying “I don’t like it” if asked about current balance. Instead, it would be much better to add why you don’t like it, where you want it to be and give as much information as possible.

This thread I wanted to be about the Ally EXP requirements. TC Octus has posted on twitter that TC are still discussing it, so I figure now would be a great time for people to put forth suggestions on how to improve that system.

I do note that these concerns have been raised by the community previously as so far we haven’t heard as to any proposed changes TC has made. It is entirely possible TC could look through this thread and really like some of the ideas :slight_smile:


Another suggestion:

Level 3 - 3000 xp becomes 1500 xp
Level 4 - 7500 xp becomes 3750 xp
Level 5 - 15000 xp becomes 7500 xp

Horde: 50 waves - 150 xp becomes 1000 xp
Escape: 1 chapter - 10xp becomes 25 xp


I am definitely onboard with lowering total requirements and/or buffing the amounts given per round/chapter in Horde and Escape.

It also frustrates me that no bonus is given for winning on higher difficulties, nor any baseline amount given for playing together.

Currently the only the 5 player achievement is remotely attainable is playing co-op vs AI with the same group of people day in and out.


3 weeks of a few 8 hour days and a few short days to keep momentum.


So about 168 hours in Co-op versus AI playing Guardian is the current only realistic way?

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For our group it’s 60-70 hours.

We get 450 honor per hour.


So possible to boost with a group of willing participants, so it looks like the co-op versus AI ally exp is in a reasonable place IMO.

I think personally 50-100 hours with the same group should be enough to warrant the achievement.

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Yeah we did only a handful of 8 hour sit downs not every day, our jobs didn’t coincide often enough.


I’d say 60-80 hours is realistic.

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Well 60 hours of grinding isn’t fun at all, they need to half that at least.

Definitely not in a reasonable place as all my group members are getting burned out on the game.

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Sorry I should have been clearer, I meant 50-100 hours playing the game in any mode, so for Horde or escape or regular versus people. That way it would come more naturally for a group playing together, rather than feeling forced into a particular mode because its benefit is completely out of whack with every other mode.


A right, yeah, you are right.

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I’d argue that higher difficulties should give out more ally points.

Also for Versus games, you should get a small sum for playing (and a bit extra for winning). Seems unfair that you could be playing for a while, lose games and get nothing.


I agree with this 1000% even though I’ll be level 5 with 4 players before the week is out.

BTW: How’s Ginger doing these days?

  1. Reduce the BFF achievement requirement from 4 allies at Level 5 to 2 allies at level 5. Reason: Three-player co-op is the common denominator in most modes. You can play 3-player campaign, 3-player Escape, and all three can player together in almost any Versus mode, except for 2v2 Gnasher and FFA.

2A. Reduce the overall XP requirements per level. Reason: The current levels are absurdly high, and TC have already nerfed the Level 1 and Level 2 requirements, meaning they must have noticed something was at least partially wrong with the large requirements.

2B. Increase and balance the XP gained for each mode. Reason: Spending 3 hours in Horde to only gain 150XP versus spending those same 3 hours in Co-op v AI Guardian to earn 1000+XP is really unfair to the Horde-only players. Earning 30XP per match in Guardian, which needs 3 rounds to win, is unfair to those who like to play Dodgeball, which earns 32XP per match, but needs 4 rounds to win. Why do different Versus game modes yield varying amounts of XP? And while everyone is focused on adjusting the Versus, Horde, and Escape XP earn rates, please don’t forget about adjusting Campaign as well!

I personally believe either 2A or 2B should be implemented, but I can see where TC might not want to implement both.

  1. Why do Versus rounds that you LOSE together NOT grant Ally XP? Currently, only wins count, which doesn’t make sense… I’m still playing with allies!

  2. To my understanding, currently there is a “base” XP granted based on time played in some modes. Why not do something similar for Ally XP? Reason: If I’m playing Insane campaign with allies and we are struggling with a certain Chapter/Act for a long time, I’m still playing with allies! Earning a super-low Ally XP per time unit in one mode versus another isn’t incentivizing playing anything other than the one mode that you can earn XP the fastest.


This is a really good point.

Not all modes allow for 5 people to level up together.


This can be a good achievement and easily achievable with a group if the game worked properly. I can see more people getting this if the game makes a comeback. Me, If I come back to the game, I am not sure if I will get this though. I would have to play a lot with my homie @GhostofDelta2 @TC_Clown and @ll_R_E_D_l and whomever else would join.


Must say, this is a brilliant idea. I have no idea what this ally thing is, but no worries. I would like to ask though, what is the next topic , and when.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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I am not sure yet, I will probably do one every week or two and then make that the master thread for each particular topic. I do have a list, but it also depends what TC is talking about at the time and whether they announce any areas they have of interest for community input.

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