Focus On Leaderboards Not Rankings

Hey TC rankings suck and don’t determine how good of a player you are. Bring back leaderboards that actually work and move up after every game

Leaderboards favour those that can play the most.

Ranks identify how good a player is.

Gears 4 sadly have neither - one doesn’t exist and the other doesn’t work in a logical way :+1:


Yeah i agree leaderboards mean nothing. I wouldn’t mind having them though.

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I’ll be the 3rd person to say it. Leader boards show who plays the most not who is most skilled. The ranking system isn’t perfect but it it does work to an extent. If you play enough ranked you can start to pinpoint opponents and even teammates ranks by how they play. Pretty easy to determine a bronze or silver player from an gold or onyx and likewise gold and onyx 1 and maybe players from diamonds.

That’s the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. Diamonds are the same exact thing. Players who play the most not the most skilled. People grind this game for weeks to get diamond versing other garbage diamonds who they beat every game. The ranking isn’t even based on your performance as a player. It’s going on which 5 man stacked are beating players searching alone. Leaderboards you go up every single game which is so much more satisfying than being stuck on 66% after a 10 game winning streak.

You know, it’s rare, but I have a few players on my friends list who can run games by themselves, they are that good. They also got to Diamond by themselves as a Solo player and they regularly post screenshots of them winning matches agaisnt much higher ranked players with low ranked teammates.

Yes it’s rare as I said but a player that is good enough can make a huge difference.

There are players who I’ve seen that run as a 2 and have stayed between Diamond 4-5.

The best of the best will no doubt run into other very, very high skilled players and ultimately become a 5-man stack.

But individually, they are also very good.

It’s a team based game. Microsoft has given you all the tools to play the game the way they intend you to play it. You’re console comes with a mic, their is party chat, looking for group, they even provided ranks so you know you are playing with players of a similar skill level. If you play the game solo then sure you’re going to have trouble reaching the level of people who play as a team in a team game. But with that said 5 solo gold players (people who actually deserve to be in gold not the people who only played 5 matches and got placed in gold) will not be able to climb their way into diamond no matter how much they play unless they learn the skills needed to be ranked diamond.

Ranks are a bit of a grind but they really do reflect overall skill for the most part. You see this the best when playing as a 5 man team against another 5 man team. Playing solo who knows what you’re team composition is going to be, you might end up with that 1-15 bronze that makes you lose no matter how good you play.

Leaderboards are nice and I would welcome them back but I don’t just want score, kills, wins downs to be tracked. Track damage and damage/game ,kills/game, points/game , assists/game and the percentile that these stats put you in. Stuff that can’t just be grinded out by people with hundreds of days of play time but actually show skills.

Something else I wouldn’t mind seeing is player roles, not to be confused with classes but a label that signifies your style of play based on your stats. Labels like Slayer (based on K/D and K/G) Support (Damage, downs and assist %) Specialist (power weapon kills/total kills). That way when you’re trying to put a squad together and you look at your stats and you see you guys do good a slaying but don’t cross well you can pick up a support player. Or if most of your kills are coming from primary weapons you can pick up a specialist to help balance a team. You can be the best shotgun player or the best riffle player and still not be the best Gears player.

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I hope they do anything, just not anything like on gears 4.

Why not both. This is the only gears game without Ranked leaderboards, it’s ridiculous especially considering TC leaned into esports quite heavily in this title.

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I don’t think rankings are an accurate representation of your true skill since it is team based for some bizarre reason. Leaderboards are based on individual skill K/D and W/L tells you more about how good a player is. That being said idc if they have them both in the game simultaneously as long as leaderboards are in.

my first diamond rank i was soloing it completely. it can be done but stacked players are tough to go against.

Yeah, it’s possible for sure, some players are at such a high skill level that they become the difference of a team winning or losing.

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