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Focus on Gears 5

Hi TC.

Today it took me 1 hour to find 2 matches. I’m an onyx 2, currently & it has never been this bad before. I not only paid for this game , special edition price, but I occasionally purchase items too. But 1 hour for 2 matches just isn’t cool. My friends eventually got offline waiting in the lobby for a match.

All I want to do is play gears 5. Gears 5 is where the moneys at. In my opinion, you’re focusing too much on creating other games & have lost the ways of what made gears great.

Simple online multiplayer is what we want. Not strategy like Halo Wars or Gearspop… I spent so much time & money on this game but now I can’t even find ranked matches. Kinda bummed out. Thought I’d give my opinion. Love this game so much. Gears has my heart completely. Love the thrill I get playing online in a ranked match gears 5.

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It shouldn’t matter but, what game mode were you trying to join? I have trouble getting execution games to start at certain times of the day.

On another note TC announced that they are putting in a wait time counter so you can see how long it should take you to get into a match according to your region. Hopefully this helps with not having to sit wait and guess when you’ll get in match.

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Forget about playing ranked execution or guardian at any level…

Gears Tactics is mainly developed by Splash Damage, Gears Pop is mainly developed by Mediatonic games.

Even if TC didn’t have these side projects on the side, I don’t think it would make much of a difference. Some of the main problems with the game are from flawed design choices.

You might have a game that is slightly less buggy, but then again, that’s more down to time, and to good QA.

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Later in the day I seem to find matches easy in both. I only see trouble in the morning. That and all morning games come with people who have 85+ ping.