FOA of The Coalition - Customer & Fan Review 6/10 - MP let’s this game down big time

Just want to say it’s always been the same on these forums I used to come on here and rant away during the launch of gears 2 and 3, loved gow 1 & played competitively.

Anyway I won’t rant too badly here just want to give a few thoughts to TC and leave a quick review

Campaign was great imo well done, decent enough story, large open areas was a nice change.

Horde is from the small amount I’ve played is okay nothing great it’s been better in previous installments

Escape haven’t played too much so can’t comment fairly

MP I’ve been smashing for the last week and got to say it’s poor, it has potential but needs some big patches if people are going to stay around and buy your micro transactions you love. Issues are as below

Critically bad

  • hit registration, I’m not the first to bring this up as I can see, it’s completely off at times

  • 99% damage all the time, wtf is that ??

  • not sure if I’m getting shot by a tri-shot or a lancer at times, needs toned down quite a good bit

  • Red Omen - this seems to be a change that was made just for the sake of it, just to be different not sure why you thought we would like this ?

  • Flashbangs, they need toned down or changed, very annoying addition to the series

  • Kill cams, where I know they won’t always be accurate due to lag but they show some massive massive discrepancies, quite frequently, not sure how this wasn’t picked up during testing

  • Lack of content, I know there’s more to come after three months but you will be lucky if half the people are still playing at that point. Centered around micro transactions if you want some extra skins or whatever.


  • Gnasher speed and power, too slow in between shots imo and too powerful up close slight boost of speed and nerf would be perfect - bullets feel light yet strong if that makes any sense, the heavy feel of your shots and gibbing doesn’t seem to be there. Just doesn’t feel right

  • Strafe speed could do with a very slight speed up

  • Ranking system, MVP’d and won three or four KOH ranked matches in a row and stayed in silver 2, moving about 10 places at a time, seems a bit rubbish ? If I lose it goes down much quicker

  • Glitches & Lag throughout MP, one match recently I was stuck in spawn with only a gnasher visible and a camera that could move, quite strange.

  • Vasgar

  • Hammers and other similar weapons should be removed from ranked and only used in core or else make a ranked comp playlist where they are removed. (quite like the hammer btw just think it doesn’t fit in ranked along with a few others)

  • All weapons need toned down they are too powerful


  • Horde & Escape

  • Movement in general

  • Exhibit, Bunker, training grounds

Good or Great

  • Graphics - still slightly cartoonish but big improvement as it’s so much more detailed than previous installments, frame rate of course a big win looks great on the screen, best graphics in the series yet, which is expected by now tbf but impressive none the less

  • Campaign

  • Asylum, Icebound, District - good nothing amazing but my three preferences

  • Aesthetic changes to weapons, crosshairs & audio of the lancer for example are pretty cool, except the audio of the flash bang remove that ASAP lol

I could think more but that’s the jist of it, get the critically bad aspects changed and it’s potentially a good game but I’ll be done with it until it’s patched a few times not interested in the MP after playing it for a decent length of time now

6/10 in total - the marks are due to the campaign and graphics, MP let’s it down it’s all about camping and lancering which is the route they’ve always tried to take after gears 1, TC or epic it doesn’t matter it seems. Gnasher fights are inconsistent due to hit registration. I respect the big changes that have been made to try take a new direction but unfortunately in its current state the multiplayer is simply not fun to keep playing, period.


Really good post. Agree with everything stated. The real problem for me is that BOTH the gnasher and lancer do too much damage. Takes away deph. Reduces the amount of shotgun battles and even rifle battles and more about catching people off guard or getting the first shot. Yes, you can use movement and a good player will do that without even thinking but regardless it’s still lacking deph and learning curve. It makes the multiplayer less engaging. Increases camping. Ruins game modes like koth.

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Your exactly right, I noticed when playing TDM as well it was super campy, no one wanted to run out into the open areas of the maps as you would just get lancered down in an instant, and if you have two lancers on you, your basically fkd.

Seen someone write this and they are spot on, as this is on game pass and everyone is basically getting the game for free TC will be getting a lot of new players to the series and they are essentially catering to them by making it easier to get a kill with a lancer or shotgun, that way they stick around instead of getting smashed and not playing again.

I don’t agree with it but that’s what has happened They should still be releasing it on game pass which will get new gamers playing whatever happens but TC should of focused on what makes a great gears game instead of watering it down. Hopefully after aiming for a casual audience once again we can get more of a fan favorite game when gears 6 comes around

Tdm is campy isn’t it, weirdly I’ve been playing execution and for some reason not as campy even though you would think that would be worse aha

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I would’ve added horde to critically bad