Flashbangs cause ammo to disappear?

Is this normal? I’ve never seen it in all of my time playing.

I’m getting ready to shoot my 3rd Dropshot and all of a sudden, in the famous words of South Parks banker… “annnnndddd its gone”.


What the fudge!!!

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TC thanks you for continuing to play our Beta. Please continue to document all bugs that our testers cant find because they wont play this dumpster fire of a game.


Yes, had same bug https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/steeloak/video/86970628


Jeez thats messed up.
What’s that 10-12 glitches from tu4 now?

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Lmao it’s a new grenade

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Hey :slight_smile:

I remember that it also happened with me also, but in different terms.

It was in Foundation,when I just picked up Boomshot and was ready to shoot then an opponent throw a shock grenade at me, then I left somehow with one shot :man_shrugging:

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Funny i shot a boomshot on Foundation and someone threw a smoke the boom was lined up to be a direct hit on two guys and the boom shot just vanished.


That’s freaking hilarious :sweat_smile:

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Wow. Thanks for sharing.

Flashbangs are so stupid. Just remove the damn things.

Like I said when you showed me before:


Just when you think TC can’t surprise you: Anti-Ammo Frags!


One question, as the flash went off where you activly trying to shoot or not?

If you are trying to shoot, could the grenade maybe have detonated the explosive while it was in pre-firing state? Pre fire as in it had registered the trigger pull, but had yet to launch the explosive?
Grandes set off explosives in g4, so maybe this is a crossover of that?

No, the flash bang went off at that exact time I clicked for the reload to be active.

This bug was in gears 4, only happened to me 1 time on harbour but with boom. I had 2 shots and went for the active but got smoked and ended up with 1 shot left…

I asked OCTUS about it in stream once, he said they were aware of it but dont plan on fixing it so late into gears 4 life as they were working on gears 5.

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Typical TC.

Bah, thats my only workable theory shot down.

Haha, yeah I hear you.

I actually told my friends that as it happened. It would have only made sense under those circumstances but it wasn’t the case.

U probs dropped the ammo on the floor when u got stunned.

Oh I’d bet. But it still doesn’t make any sense.

Especially when my Flashbangs from that distance always trigger a hit marker but never any stun effect. :joy:

@forum-mods, can we get this thread noticed by @the-coalition and hopefully get a word as to what happened?

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Pretty sure that u got flashed at the exact same time as u reached into the ammo pouch for the last shot. Obviously another bug, wonder if it happends with other guns. Sure it would be easy for the great dev tm at TC to reproduce this…??

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