Flashbangs are returning to loadout in Operation 4

Why, there horrible, they make KOTH unplayable. Even with no way to break a setup because the smokes don’t stun the game is so much more fun without those nuisance grenades.


Stuns dont work for sh t half the time.
They need to make mark on who actually gets stunned. Ive gotten killed sooo many times thinking i stun someone in escalation.
And i know for a fact ,i hit them with it.

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Still think they should have gone the Esc route and just allowed 2-3 people to spawn with flashbangs.

I just don’t want a repeat of the launch of the game, worst multiplayer experience I’ve ever had in KOTH because of those flashbangs.


Link please?

“Incoming flash!” seemed like the only character line I heard back then :laughing:


They should be kept out of PVP entirely. Reinstate the Gears 4 smoke and leave it at that.


In the dev stream today it was also anouced that are getting a serious neft to AOE and the actual blinding factor. So Hopefully they dont destroy the pvp experience by being so plentiful again. But i can certainly do without them

It’s just beyond me why TC (and Epic before them) think “stunning” the player is a good mechanic for an arena shooter. How about if you’re not good enough to push me without control of my character being taken away, you either find a different approach or die? How about instead of continuing to waste development resources trying to make this terrible mechanic work, change the maps or hill placements if setups are too hard to break?

TC has a bad habit of trying to resurrect lost causes instead of just letting them go and moving on. It’s why we have Escalation 2.0 even though the majority of the community hated Escalation 1.0. It’s why we have the “simple” crimson omen instead of the original omen even though the entire community hated the “immersive” omen at launch. Now we have flash grenades 2.0 because TC think that reworking the tuning can somehow save a fundamentally awful loadout weapon.


I’d be perfectly fine with nothing but the Smoke we currently have, I ask for the Gears 4 smoke as it’s a “reasonable” request since TC seem to be obsessed with keeping a “stun” frag in there.

Very well said, I agree with every word.

honestly, speaking from a KOTH perspective, smokes are far more powerful than flashbangs.

now when I was climbing the ladder for a long time I thought flashbangs were the bees knees, but ever since they removed them from the loadout I was forced to adapt to a flashless world…

flashbangs were pretty much just a tool people used to break setups, so you’d maybe be able to flash 2-3 people get a break, then you might even be able to pull of a kill or two, smokes on the other hand are kinda used the opposite way. teams will throw the smokes down, which does provide cover from lancer fire, and they’ll essentially just wait for people to pop out of smoke then they’ll get a cheap free kill, I do think smokes are better in all honesty simply because they have more utility but flashes do/did serve an important role.

I kinda miss the metagame of choosing between smokes/flashes, it was an overlooked area of skill that I think was lost this operation, I think them bringing back flashes will be a really nice improvement for high level play.

Not true. I dislike statements such as these because there is often a(and this case, known) minority around. I for one like this new omen and do in fact prefer it over the old one.

Having said that… TC could have done the extra effort to implement something more like the old omen for the apparent majority that dislikes the new one. But I suspect they chose not to focus on it due to other things requiring to be worked on post launch, and I don’t think they would’ve been capable of reworking the entire damage indicator within three or four months after the Tech Test if they had considered getting an old omen option in or reworking the new one for launch. Maybe they’ll have both for Gears 6 or something.

That matter aside, if TC ends up having to remove flashes from the loadout again in a month or two post Op 4 launch… well, nobody can say they didn’t know people disliked them.

I actually thought having smokes was fine. Havent missed flashes at all, why not just add the stun back to the smoke and say ■■■■ it? Really bring back the tactical edge. The stun only needs to be half a second, for real Dana, somebody read this and understand flashes will be bad for the game…we are good on that.

I don’t think so.
smokes work and are useful pretty much the same as before only now they’re the only option

you can slow down a sniper or someone lancering your position
the flashbangs can actually stop for a moment all opponent’s actions thus either doing what the smokes are for and making them vulnerable to basically a free kill

I have no problem with this as long as the flashbangs have been adjusted. The flash effect was just too strong before.

I’m not a fan. The stun effect is a crutch. Losing even more faith in TC with these changes they’re implementing.

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If that’s true that’s not good…