Flashbang is perfect at 1sec and default!

Flashbangs were terrible especially in KOTH having 5 flashes fly your way every 5 sec was no fun and ruined that mode. Flash bangs needed a nerf. I’d of been happy to see them leave the game all together. Played last night and it was much better. I love the fact that cover protects you now to. They were a cheap easy kill.

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Hopefully someone can verify this for me, but, from what I understand, the killcam is coming from server side and there is a glitch where some cosmetic animations may not show.

i.e. —> there is smoke on your enemy’s screen, but it does not show through the kill cam.

Also, it’s very likely that you’re being marked through the smoke - My teammates and I do this very often and then use Tac-Com to track through the smoke.

I think you misunderstood me. Im well aware of how busted and annoying flashes were, and still are. Flashbangs stun and blind, but for me, the stun is worse than the blind. I’m fine with being blinded for 1 sec as long as I can still move and react, but the stun on these things is way too long, give people way too much of an advantage. So I’m saying the blind can be a full second as long as the stun gets super nerfed. I want to be able to roadie, roll, bounce and shoot while being blinded. I get the stun is necessary to force people out of holding top spots for longated periods of the match, but I think it’s too long of a stun currently. This current iteration of flashes is wayyy better than at launch, definitely appreciate the nerf, (and itll be even better next week when it cant flash through walls), but I still think the stun needs tweaks.

Side note, please make the smokes significantly darker. I feel like I can see people’s silhouettes way too easily so I know they can see mine. Super dark grey, almost black, smoke would be awesome.

Ah I see, that’s cool.

Personally I think the flashbang is fine as is aside from the brightness of the flash. Reason I say this is due to the fact that the stun itself has hardly ever been the cause of my death during a battle. The flash however gives me eyestrain which leads me to lose focus when playing.

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