Flashbang is perfect at 1sec and default!

Flashbang complaints not warranted…this is a game and visibility impairment perfect at 1 sec. Real life sure…other senses fully realized…but not here pretenders. Please leave FLASHBANGS alone…otherwise…what is their point…

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Yeah I’m interested to see how flashes are gonna be now. A .3 second stun isn’t really enough time to rush in on them anymore unless your team throws them in too and you time it just right.

The problem is the constant bright flash not the blind duration.


The stun length wasn’t changed. The blind duration was changed.


Only the flash time has been reduced to 0.3 seconds. Not the stun time.

They are still useful as they allow you to move in closer to your opponents. But stops the blinding light which was on the screen way too long, making the fight fairer as you can now react once you’re stunned. This is basically the way the smoke would work in previous games, except it allows you to still see your opponent without smoke hindering your view.

A much needed and much appreciated update in my opinion.


Ohhh, I dunno how I glanced over that part where they specified the stun duration remains the same. This feels like a good change then imo, people will still have to back off or die when hit with a flash which is all that matters.

I want to reiterate Im speaking from a Versus perspective. Flashbang in Horde is stupid long…but Versus IMO was perfect. Horde sucks anyway…but Versus Flashbang blinding time was spot on. I love blindly killing opponents…and of the things to fix or cry about…this was not priority.

If you mean horde in general then… :rofl: If you mean this iteration of horde, then I agree.

:rofl: Not for KOTH. There are people getting literal migraines and headaches from these things. They needed to be changed.

I still think they would have worked better as a pickup item. At least in KOTH. They ruin that mode.

I haven’t managed to try it after the update yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if KOTH is still a flash bang fest


I’ll tell you what’s not working smoke grenades. It’ll show smoke on my screen but on the killcam there is no smoke? I was wondering how people were able to snipe me with no problem. I got to start posting videos of this.


It was a priority because of the spamming of flashes and how people get eye strain and headaches from them. I couldn’t even touch KOTH because of the spamming of FB’s. I don’t get headaches from games often, but this is the issue with the nade spam. It hurts and I have to look away because the effect duration was way too long and being constantly hit with them is a no-go.

I need to play to see how the changes have affected it, but that’ll wait until I have time to play to give my full feedback.

Disagree. 1 second felt too long by a hair. Still a .3 second nerf seems to short on paper. I barely flash so idk. I was thinking it need to be about 3/5 of it length. So about .6 seconds. This is also coming from a person that plays some Versus, but gets flashed a crap ton in Horde.

Someone get their mans

Nope nope nope. Definitely not perfect at 1sec. Default, whatever, you can just switch it so doesn’t make much of a difference, but nope not perfect OP.

Taste the rainbow… (walks away while keeping eye contact with you) O_O

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I played 3 games of KotH yesterday and it was much, much better. Most people used smokes. Flashbangs can still be effective but they’re no good if you just blindly spam them.

Smoke seems to have different positioning on everyone’s screen. Enemies can sometimes see as if there’s very little smoke or none at all.

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I could go for a Good Burger right about now

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I’d rather be blinded than stunned. Keep the the blind at 1 sec but half the stun time, that ■■■■ is ridiculous. Every single fight should not be determined by flashes

You must already be blind irl if you think keeping the flash the way it was is ok.