Flash,smoke and stun

The flash does too much why not just blind allowing you to move freely but blind .
The Smoke increase smoke radius to help give cove or help deny the enemy info.
Add a stun grenade were you keep your vision but your movement is impaired and your unable to shoot.

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remove stun all together. theres no reason for it. smoke gives cover and flash impairs you enough. Why do you need a stun? remember when ink had it?

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Not quite the same , Ink literally gave a free kill.

Flashbangs are just complete + old smoke stun for a small duration.

The complete blinding is what makes the stun pretty over the top.

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but to tone down a flash of a flashbang…hhmmm why not just remove stun? what would be the problem?

It’s a sticky situation every time I think about this. I want it to make sense but if the flash bang only blinded maybe they’re thinking its use would be redundant with the smoke nade.

Smoke effects both teams whereas flash effects only the opponent and potentially whoever tossed it.

If the stun was removed, the key differences would be the smokes longevity and the fact that it’s isolated only to the area where you tossed it. The flash basically has to be tossed on top of someone like a normal nade and offers complete blinding to those effected no matter where they are/direction they face for a short duration.

If they changed went through Flash would seem like a slightly more skillful version of smoke, rewarding accuracy, timing with complete blinding of only your opponent at price of longevity.

A lot of the times the way smokes are used currently seem like rolling the dice around power weapons when i’m sure their intended use is mostly for repositioning and mitigating the risk of being crossed while doing so.

Their use case would be very niche and the function overall would seem to be the same despite the skill difference which why i’m sure they’re reluctant to remove stun from the nade. They want every tool to feel like it has a place/purpose to use.

I like your response very thought out. In king of the hill it’s good to run 3 flashes and 2 smokes. Flashes for offence taking the point and also can be used defense countering a pushing squad. Smokes on the other hand help with teams that try to lancer you out of hill or support fire blocking line of sight.

Thanks. Right, it seems like the escape or defensive function of both the nades are very similar whereas flashes are certainly better offensively which seems to be compensated for with its mechanics.

The smokes persistence and the fact that it always effects that one area where you tossed is pretty big. So where a flash has potential to not effect everyone on the opposing team the smoke effect everyone around location regardless of how it’s tossed.

That might be enough to make smokes the more ideal defensive choice though, no doubt both could be used vice versa. It’s just a gamble to be more offensive with the smoke since it also effects your line of sight.

Hmm, I think we may figured out their thinking behind the nades and their balancing choice. It really just comes down to them balancing the flash so it isn’t much better than the smoke at doing what it does best.

Flash going through cover, having the potential to stun lock and pre-patch flash duration really made/makes it much better than the smoke offensively and defensively. Since winning games by default requires offensive plays it really had/has become the no brainer choice for starting loadouts.

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I do agree with taking out the stun but I believe it’s something the developers dont want to get rid of and I would mind it if it didn’t also blind you. That’s why I would prefer to be able to see if its gonna be in the game add a third option and see what kind of person picks up stuns .