Flash grenades and [up a's] gotta go.. enable friendly fire

These points address the seriously wrong elements of Gears 5 game play.

That is:

  • Friendly Fire is Disabled
  • Flash Grenades are way too cheap and wreck the momentum of the game.
  • Up A’s Gotta go…



When did we start disabling friendly fire in the gears series with online ranked matches?

Gears of War had friendly fire enabled, and allowed for extremely fair gameplay.

Here’s why.

If you are in a 2v1 gun battle, the opposing side with the 2 players have to be extra careful with their shots. Many times you would see the other team accidently team kill, allowing the 1 person to win the battle. This was crucial, and part of the game.

The next reason why friendly fire allows for fairness, is with EXPLOSIVE ITEMS. (Boom shots… grenades… and yes, even torque bows!)

Why do we think it’s fair to throw a grenades in the hill where both sides are battling, yet only the opposing side dies from the explosion… This is 100% a horrible idea, as you can just throw a grenade with no worries… (except for killing yourself, too.)

Friendly fire needs to be enabled to allow for more strategic and careful play.



Okay… seriously. Flash grenades stun you, and you can’t shoot your gun?

The reason Gears of War 1 was so incredibly good was that if you held an angle, and had fast reaction time, you were a beast, plus if your team was there, you can work together and bait and switch well.

Now… because someone just throws a flash, they can run in and often get a free kill? (and again, this flash doesn’t stun your teammates either, which is unfair, because of no friendly fire).



Now this one is controversial, because the new generation of gears fans like it.

However… I do feel this throw off the original game of gears of war, which was about holding angles.

I don’t think that the UP A’s are horrible, I just think they are too often inconsistent, or allow for some incredibly impossible shots of previous Gears games…

When you go into cover, the only way to shoot around the corner used to be blindfire, or hardaiming…

I like wall bouncing, but the UP A’s bring a very bad overall experience to this game, in my opinion.



So… before you let me know what you think…

State if you’re more of a Gears of War 1 fan, or Gears 5… as that will allow the community to see the reasoning for your opinion to my points here for debate!

Thx for reading…


“Flash grenades should only blind you” Uh, that is what Smoke Grenades are for.


No, I disagree with you.

A smoke doesn’t allow you to see through an area. You can still see behind you, and have a fair chance at killing someone.

A flashbang would blind you (white screen), and you cannot see anything on your screen.

They used to do that to a degree but it was changed.

Did you read the other points, about Friendly Fire and Up A’s… what’s your take on it?

I don’t play versus much but adding FF would be an interesting change. It however could lead to trolls teamkilling or damaging people enough that the enemy can just hit them once or twice and they die. Knowing the community, that wouldn’t be uncommon. I never cared for Up A’s so if they went away, oh well. Flashes are fine. Their radius is fairly small and if they simply blinded you, they would be too similar to Smoke Grenades so having the stun for a bit distinguishes it from the Smoke.


damn shame no one has pulled up on this thread to inform you gears 1 ranked friendly is always disabled.
i agree friendly fire should be turned on like gears 3 hype EXE

Are you talking the remastered gears 1?

The original Gears of War had friendly fire in ranked matches.

Enabling friendly fire is a horrible idea


Elaborate a bit… why is it horrible idea?

If you’re afraid of teamkilling, people who take the game seriously and want to win, will not team kill, and it will be as intense as ever… (as was proven in the original Gears of War 1.)

You can’t just say horrible idea without giving some input… Wasting everyone’s time man…

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I’m sure someone can post a screenshot that shows otherwise. Because classic Gears 1 always turned off swapping map weapons and friendly fire.

You know what? I’ll download Gears 1 right now and provide a screenshot.

Is this the 360 Gears 1, or the Ultimate Gears 1?

I already have UE downloaded. My screenshot is gonna be from the original.

No I’m not its just a horrible idea in general.

It doesn’t matter if you play the game seriously or not there’s always going to be that one idiot running around killing his team because he’s just a terrible player who’s butthurt. especially on gears where people will outright throw the game just because they get upset.

Rainbow six siege is rampant with this type of idiots and accidental team kills resulting in match losses and point reduction. Having FF on is just going to result in the same issue especially with the hispanic community on ranked since they’re a bunch of brainless worms with shotguns which is what most of these servers are packed with nowadays compared to back in the day.(I’m hispanic)

The whole point of Versus is to kill the other team not both them and your teammate with a grenade or accidental missile Salvo in the back. Most of this game is a group gnasher fest so you could literally end up wiping your team if they’re in the middle of a fight and you toss a nade or they run up in front of you while you ADS and you blow them into pieces with your gnasher.

And you may argue that “it teaches you how to be a better player” but it doesn’t it’s just there to punish you for what could be an honest mistake. That’s why it’s a terrible idea.


Agree with up A thing. Also, the one thumbstick control boost thing is also in need of a nerf. Not sure why that scheme lets you slide and bounce with greater range more than the traditional 2 stick method.

Okay cool, good input…

But… I see this as a way to encourage more parties, and less solo-queueing then.

It would encourage more community, actually using headsets…

Further, the team should have the ability to boot the player if they team kill twice or something… and matchmaking should allow that player to be replaced with a new player (this is how it used to be.)

Someone else will come in, and you will get your team back shortly…

If that person joins in late (let’s say near the end of the whole game), well then it plays in favor for that person. If you lose, that’s the way it goes.

The lobbies should also cycle over, so if you found a team that you work well with, you should be able to press A to “continue playing with them”.

This would build community, and yes, it does teach you more skill, because you will be more careful next time. If a team kill happens, that’s how the game is supposed to be played, and if that was your mistake, you will be more careful the next time by maybe not firing or throwing that grenade…

Please answer… how does it make sense that a grenade would kill the enemies… but not your own team. That is completely unfair, and this was common in Gears of War 1, where the grenade would team kill one of your guys, but maybe kill 2 on the enemies side… so even though you team killed, it may still have been worth it for the trades…

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Fair point. I think gears could benefit from a betrayal kick system and a stay with team system. But I still think FF should just stay in custom imo. Good discussion

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I added to my message about the grenade issue… what are your thoughts on that?

***dammit! I can’t get online for backwards compatible games!

The mp you are describing its basically quick play … never closed matchmaking, keep the same players, join late, get into a game thats already lost = losing your time. I dunno, thats not fair and shouldnt be on ranked at all.

Honestly FF its terrible idea, we have 5v5 instead of 4v4 now, theres a bigger chance to kill your teammate by mistake, even with gnasher duels because the game and movement its way faster that it used to be. (And lets not count trolls or butthurts, because this game has a lot, actually there were post in here this week about some players trolling this way).

You want the game to be like gears 1, I respect and understand your opinion but I dont believe its the way to go, Just because it worked back then doesnt mean it would work in gears 5, the og trilogy had some unwritten rules that most of the players used to follow, and no one cares about them in this game. Players are not even the same ones, most of the OGs have already quit or are not interested in current gears.

I do agree with the granade tho, was never a fan when they removed the stun for the smoke one, it was perfect in gears 3, and they basically split the effects into two different ones. STUN grandes are really useful for crossing in KOTH when the enemy its holding the hill with lancers, so i wouldnt really want it gone, It was OP during launch, but its utter trash in its current state.

And I like and use UP A but agree its a cheap mechanic, not against it but wouldnt mind it gone either.