Flash glitch on screen still there after update wtf TC!

Got hit with a flash it stayed white and blurry until game ended wtf. TC you better hot fix this cause I’m not waiting another month for it to be fixed when it was suppose to be fixed today!

Hmm supposedly this was fixed with TU4.

@TC_Octus - was this missed?

Yes it 100 percent was my screen had a white blurry haze after flash the whole game. I’m kinda upset

Have you rebooted your XB1 since installing TU4?

Yes I have. I don’t know what to do

I think the work around is to simply turn off the kill cam. But I’m gonna look into this tonight.

I’ll check in with the team on this…


Thank you I had it happen twice tonight. Thanks for response

Yup, I got perma flashed in the beginning of a match and it got progressively worse every time someone threw a flash at me


Happened to my friend.

Is it a killcam issue? I have never seen this personally but I have it disabled.

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Hey octus any word on the flash screen glitch as it wasn’t fixed in yesterday’s update? Got it twice yesterday and once already this morning.