Flash Bangs, Yay or Nay?

Personally I enjoy the new addition of flash bang grenades but after hearing all of the complaints and playing for a good amount of time I’ve come to agree with some of the other people suggesting they are nerfed or set as pick-up weapons, Personally I think removing from the starting weapon roster should do the trick, make them a pick-up as suggested. What are your thoughts and experiences ?

I like the flash bangs nades but maybe they should be placed as pick ups or just allow 2 players from each team to have them?

But it’ll probably be easier to make them a pick up.

Eh, I’m ok with them. They are faaaaaaar less annoying than 4’s smoke nades.

Though I will say, they don’t make much sense. TC said they were going to separate the blinding and stun aspects of 4’s smokes, so they made a stun nade and a smoke nade for 5. Oddly, the stun nade also blinds, thus negating the need for separate nades.



They need to be nerfed in some way. Due to the stun aspect, they are crucial for KOTH in order to break hills, but if I turn away from them, they shouldn’t affect me as much as they currently do.

The flash, nay. The bang, kinda yay.

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Flashes are necessary utility in ranked I think. If you have heavy lancer teams it can turn into a camp fest where you’re locked down trying to get a flank or cant break the lock on a hill. Flashes allow for you to close the distance with gnasher. People complain so much, just play the game and get good lol. If you aren’t diamond plus you really shouldn’t even talk about game balance and what should or shouldn’t be in the game as you aren’t even playing at a high enough level to know what is truly imba. I haven’t found the flash to be imba or the lancer. I personally have found the balance and weapon tuning to be excellent and I really don’t think the lancer is op at all either. I’m about 50% lancer/power weapons and 50% gnasher and still pulling off triple kills with gnasher. Lancer heavy teams are easy to beat with good teamwork, strong movement and coordinated flash pushes.


Some good feed back in here, any other thoughts/opinions/suggestions?

This might just be me but I find them to be completely useless. The stun is only about 2 seconds and the range sucks. Smoke is the way to go

I like em. Nothing against them

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I feel like I’m losing my mind seeing people actually like the flash bangs

I would rather have them a pickup than standard kit. I can’t take it that they’re spammed so heavily and it really is bad for my eyes. If they have to be standard, at least have them on a delay timer so that you can’t throw one after every respawn.

I understand why they come with spawn. It gives a team, no matter how out map controlled with power weapons they are,the underdog can always push the defenders without it being a super up hill battle. Flash allows the team to break deadly lancer fire while the team is holding a hill. While I will say having everyone with a flash every spawn with the spam can feel annoying. But without em, smokes just don’t provide a good enough defense break on a good position. I feel smokes are now more of the designated mobile cover between gaps.

I like them. Anything anti-camper is good in my book, and these things work wonders in that area :grinning:

The blind efect is ridiculus.
It takes a less than 2 seconds to recover all screen vision
Don’t get all the complains, seems to me that all hate comes from the fact that Flash bags are New, and New sucks because reasons


It doesn’t make Sense.

5 people = 5 Flash

Almost all of them throwing at the same Time,
After that, no More “Spaming” until a player dies.

So, to get another “spam” like all the people are saying,
It Will be necesary to annihilate full team over and over.

Otherwise theres no way,

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Thanks for the feed back…

After some more play time I’ve come to realize that flashbangs are crucial for the new meta in play.

Please do not remove these from the starting loadout!



Keep it the same, but allow players to shoot when blinded. Still adds a tactical element and also doesn’t result in the receiver being completely helpless.

Flash grenades do not belong in Gears.