FLASH BANGS need to be buffed


Recently the Flash bangs were nerfed. while the white flash on lasts .3 seconds had no effect on the stun, it was also nerfed to not be able to go through cover . now honestly, i dont think the flash bang should be nerfed. and ill explain why

GEARS 5 is a very defensive game, if you have no power weapons ( boomshot, dropshot, rocket launcher) it can be difficult to move forward

Flash bangs are one of 2 options in closing the gap as everyone knows if it hits, it stuns the player to not be able to shoot back. however it is IMO a very weak item atm. there are alot of variables to consider

for starters, the AOE of the Flash bang is so small, that its usually only good against single targets . the duration is down right laughable, and most players will roll away the moment they see you throw it. even if you actually manage to stun the opponent by the time you reach the opponent he would already have rolled away and re positioned and even then, its very risky to use as there maybe more than one enemy

my suggestion would be to increase the AOE of flash bangs and disable the ability to roll away when stunned. by doing this it would help counter the rifle meta and encourage and reward players to get up close and personal.

its just really odd that people complain about rifles being strong in this game but also wanting flash bangs to be nerfed when its one of your only options to be able to assist gnasher players

EDIT : im mostly referring to TDM. if we are talking about other game modes like KOTH, then i whole heartedly agree that it should be a pick up in those game mode


The stun wasn’t merged, the semen on your screen from sweaty players was nerfed, gnashes users can wallbounce lancer users still. Kind of anyways the rifles still do a bullet or two too much damage

im not really understanding what you’re trying to tell me

im going to assume that you are trying to tell me that the stun wasnt nerfed. yes i know that, i had stated that the flash only lasts .3 seconds and has no effect on the stun

heres the quote

“Recently the Flash bangs were nerfed. while the white flash on lasts .3 seconds had no effect on the stun”

Nah they needed a Nerf, removing the stun would have been the way to go, even as just a pic up would have been better than a duration Nerf.

I get where your coming from on needing smoke/stun/flash to push an entrenched team but this is down to bad map design.


i dont understand why you would you want less options to advance on an enemy

you’re basically discouraging players from moving forward. your suggestion to remove the flash bangs would make the rifle meta unbeatable

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Thats due to the bad maps though. Tc shouldn’t be using op grenades to defeat their badly designed maps.

Tbh smokes work breaking set up teams ok, I don’t deliberatly use the flash and its not impossible to break and push.

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The flash bangs aren’t op to begin with

there are just way too many variables to consider when using the flash bangs.

are there more than 1 enemy?
is the area open?
how far is the enemy?

if there is more than one enemy, then its already not a good idea to use the flash bang as he will be covered by a team mate
if the area is open, he can re position easily
if the enemy is far, then the flash bang is not really ideal as its good mostly for close quarters
players can easily see the flash bang coming, even your character will yell “flash bang out” notifying him of your action

long story short, the flash bang is incredibly situational and risky and has only one use and it does it poorly , while the smoke is way better all around choice, it can cover your advance, cover you in picking up weapons, even blinding the enemy positions, and much more safer as you dont stun yourself as well

Everyone knows better shrugs

I personally don’t know what the technical issue was with the flashbang to begin with. It had a small radius, wasn’t useful beyond a short range, and only annoyed people who like to sit around and camp. I don’t think people believe me when I say I hardly got flashbanged when playing, but it’s true. I only ever used them to push in on camping teams in KotH, especially when my team wasn’t doing anything helpful.

Anyway, I’m ok with just using smokes now, but yah, I think flashes were fine as they were. Now they’re just kind of useless.

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I just want them to lower the brightness of the flash, everything else be damned. It can teleport my a.ss into the barrel of the enemy’s shotty and insta gib for all I care just as long as I’m not forced to look away the screen because of how bright the screen gets.

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So what did you do in gears 1-4 without flashbangs? lol

Flashbangs shouldn’t even stun you it needs more of a nerf

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No. KOTH is actually enjoyable now.

I love them in Horde; a powerful tool on either side of the battle.

Versus? Never played it.

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I wouldn’t go that far.

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Definitely, especially in TDM. One game on Icebound will last 30 mins, but if flashes are more powerful, players can push opponents out of cover and make more moves

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I think they should continue to be open minded about tweaking them but surely not remove them from the loadout because it is true that in this defensive game there is no way to push other than throwing a flashbang.

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You may be right, particularly because of how the new maps are designed. They encourage players to be more campy thus making the flash fairly viable to break through the enemies who are bunkered down in a specific location.


The map design is so boring and repetitive in my opinion. It doesn’t have the variety of 3 and 4, and that is only talking about launch maps.


i wouldn’t know what was done in gears 1-4 as i never really played those games, and i dont think that would matter since im not playing those games

how much more do you want to nerf the flash bang? you could easily roll away, you can roll away when stunned, the stun didn’t last that long, the radius was already ■■■■, they took away the fact that it went through cover and gave nothing to compensate for it

if you want it nerfed to sheer uselessness why even have it?, what would be the point of a flash bang if it doesn’t stun?