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After my last post on “meta - flash, rush, shoot” thread and a miserable game I played KoTH on All Fathers it got me thinking that the flash bangs are the MAIN reason I play gears 4 instead of 5 and when a game has a lot of flash bangs in it I really do start to not enjoy myself.

To quote myself :nerd_face:
By the end of the second round my eyes were stinging, I had tears streaming down my cheeks and on a real I couldn’t hit a damm shot as my eyes were in all honesty f ¢ked. * I Kept on having solar retinitis when I was trying to get to sleep a hour and a half later and my eyes feel sensitive this morning still, a bit like having a mild arc eye hang over.*

What I would like to put forward to the Dev’s is that could there be an accessibility mode where the flash bang’s flash is disabled and perhaps the gamer just has the sparkly, twinkly bits and of course still get stunned?

I understand that this maybe a huge ask but the flash bangs are the main reason I dont play Gears 5 and when I do I don’t enjoy it. I know there are many that feel the same way and the flash bang is something I have disliked since the Beta.

Thanks for reading and hopefully this would be taken forward seriously.


The Flash Bangs are just excessive and should be a pick up.

Having that overly loud sound plus my entire screen having a seizure every few seconds in KOTH is even more annoying than a 5+ smokes coming in everywhere …


I’d rather have 1,000 smokes thrown at me than a single Flash Bang.

It should just be removed entirely. Terrible idea from the beginning.

Realistically that won’t happen because TC don’t care too much for the Franchise’s reputation so I’ll second it being a pick-up.


On my last KOTH game I had 5 in a row and remembered playing Killer Instinct will all those combo’s piling up. Was actually disappointed when the flash stopped and no “cococo-combo breaker” was heard.

I would like G4 smoke to make a comeback but I’ll settle if they leave flash as a pickup.

On the bright side, the perma flash seems to be fixed.


It simply is not Gears.
Just like, Escape, Forge and the Taps. It is not Gears.
Flash Bangs are a serious pain in the patella, Smoke Grenades are no fun either. Both do not belong in Gears Full Stop, as is the rest of the stuff i mentioned.
Also, if i had my way, there would be no Jack either, but… I can see a use for him in later games, he would be good as an Energy Collector and picking up downed players (Horde).

Thanks for your thoughts and comments.

I think having the Flash Bang as a pick up on some, not all maps, would be good idea because one could aviod certain maps and on the maps with the Flash Bangs there will only be 2 - 4 per game. Less if players like ourselves pocket them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Having the Flash Bangs as a pick up will be easier to implement then the accessibility mode to blank the flash out though this would be the best of both worlds.

Hopefully TC will read some of this and more improvements will be made. I know there was a lot of players who didn’t like the Flash Bangs but seems that they may of moved on to other pastures.

Make Gears Great Again :v:

Made a quick video guide on how to preserve your future eyesight from Flash Bangs in Gears 5. Check it out sometime. Thanks.

Good tip I will definitely try that.

My eyes hurt after just the start of that video :confounded:

I still prefer it over those horrible smoke stuns.

They should remove the flash effect (the stun is enough), slightly shorten stun time, and slightly reduce the tunnel vision.


Thanks for watching it. (:

So tac com completely negates flash?

It doesn’t stop the flash from occuring it just really washes out its potency from maybe hurting your eyes. Plus in Tac-com it puts everything in a kinda black & white color mode so flashes become much more tolerable to handle. I used to really dislike flash bangs, but once I learned about & started using Tac-com for them, I don’t mind them at all anymore.


Am I reading this correct…
Flash Bangs are not going to be load out!!

This could be great if they aren’t as a pick up on every map :crossed_fingers:


YEAH. Wooo. What else can we remove from gears of war 5. Umm maybe the snub scrap that. I don’t want anything new in the game either. I want to play the same maps from alll the previous games with just 2 weapons with no customization to how I play. That sounds good. Thanks guys.

Thank the lord the hammerburst is gone too. REMOVE IT ALLLLLL.


Go on son get it all out.

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Love the sarcasm. It made me laugh which I kind of needed right now.

In response to the OP. It is people like you that drive people to go play something else because they keep changing things every few months. Then turns around six months later and complains that nobody plays the game anymore.

TC did not make Gears 5 to cater to every complainer that thinks they know better than they do. TC made Gears 5 to make money. They are not going to make money if no body is playing because Gears is a permanent feature on game pass with 100s of games competing with it.

Everyone sits around blaming TC and whoever else they can think of for the series failing when they only have themselves and their constant complaints to blame for the downfall of the Gears of War franchise.

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Nah it’s Microsoft.

Hi Redfox888

I have been playing “something else” that is why I am only re-up 2 level 20 and I was one of the people that preorderd the game.

I wanted Gears 5 to be the best Gears game to date I am one of the core fan boys that has been playing for over a decade, I put down me £70.00 before the beta and complained then that the Flash Bangs gave me head aches and hurt my eyes, I have campaigned and been vocal about this since and very greatful that T. C. and the Dev’s have now tried to do something.

I know there are others like me who can not play because of the Flash Bangs, I will definitely come back and play 5 again once this is in place, I mean why shouldn’t I enjoy the game since I have already paid for it :man_shrugging:

Cutting back to my OP I didn’t want the Flash Bangs removed as a load out, or removed completely. I asked for an accessibility mode that would cut the Flash out, have the after sparkles and keep the stun, as I feel this is my issue so I can change settings to suit me, T. C. has decided to go down this route - no doubt because it is more cost effective, either way I thank them.

Happy gaming

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Btw just cause TC isn’t as focused on new tiles doesn’t mean we won’t get new maps, we just won’t see as many with brand new designs. There will be new load outs, but the aesthetics themselves will most likely be similar to previously made maps.