Flaming Midnight Weapon Skins

Its been 15 days since the last forum query about this… so here’s a new one.

Flaming Weapon Skins and the Midnight Omen Skins. Obviously none are available in the current Horde/VS events with the Studio skins.
Will these two events count toward the achievements or will we be waiting on the next set of events?
Will these two sets be craftable shortly, in time for the next set of achievements that’ll round the gamerscore to an appropriate 4000G for the game?

Could I be cheeky and get some dev input? maybe @anon86589457?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:


They will have to be craftable at some time…It’s a joke that it has taken 6-7+months to get 11 of them yet we get MS Studio skins and it could take up to two weeks only to get them…it really is a joke…I said it before in another thread, if they decide to do this again, Gears 5 will be out and no one will be playing Gears 4 so what’s the point?


I hope there is a new event soon. I still need one Flaming Skin because I was not able to get the ones from the first events.

Same here, one skin is stopping me from getting that achievement.

I still need one for each. I hope they do something so we can get all the skins soon.

New event today. 50 rounds of 2vs2 Gnasher will earn us the Flaming Gnasher.

I thought it was Heartbeat Gnasher?

The What’s Up mentions both.

Oh yes, you’re right.
I missed that part in the What’s Up.

Yeah, i just saw that. I wonder when the next Horde event skin will be available.

Well we will probably only get two Midnight Omen and then wait another 2 months and get the last one

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RIP to me, i need 5 still