Flaming blue stars by the normal daily challenge stars?

Pretty much what title says. I log on this morning and I check my daily (i have already finished them) and they have 2 flaming blue stars beside the ordinary stars. Obviously this would mean I would get that many more stars but do you guys think this will carry over to next Daily as I have already completed this daily? I completed the dailies when they did not have the blue stars beside them.

Yes, any daily objective is double stars until tomorrow morning.

where was this announced?


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It appeared once and then it disappeared . Is anyone else having that issue?

Ye its just a bug. Just close it and reopen the tour of duty dailies and they should appear. You still get the extra stars even if they dont show. I have same problem.

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I haven’t had any flaming blue stars either Saturday since they annouced there would be has any one else had this issue