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Flame Weapons Skins - Needed to 100% this game

(CarlosYabrudy) #1

TC Octus - Can we just have an event that permanently let’s us achieve flame weapons on any event so we can 100% this? Thy haven’t been in 6 months

(Bloomy) #2

The devs can toggle the Flaming and Midnight Omen skins to be craftable. They’ll probably do this once event support has ended for Gears 4, which will probably be around the time Gears 5 releases.

(CarlosYabrudy) #3

I doubt this, Bloomy

(xFribbo) #4

They did actually say the flaming and midnight omen skins would eventually become craftable.

(ZombieLady66) #5

All of them should be in my opinion

(DLCarr17) #6

At this point the Flaming Skins have already all been available at least once and a lot of them twice.

TC has however been letting you earn them again alongside the Heartbeat skins so just keep an eye out for the ones you missed to be available again. You’ll get them I’m sure.

(CarlosYabrudy) #7

I’d really appreciate an answer from @TC_Octus on this one as a long term gears player

(Fabjo06110) #8

…been available ?
Where ?
Gnashers only KOTH, Horde Mania ?
How ?

(III EnVii III) #9

I would love for the Midnight Omen ones to be craftable!

(xFribbo) #10

They will be eventually.

(Slipping Flames) #11

Best skins in the game hands down. Honestly TC should make everything craftable now while people still play and can enjoy them. It’s the little goodwill gestures towards fans that TC misses.

(Bloomy) #12

I believe it was the most recent Dev stream last Thursday when it was again mentioned they can be made craftable.

This site lists when events were held for the first shot at each weapon, plus second chances at the Lancer, Gnasher and Torque.

There have been more events that aren’t listed there, since I have extras of the Boltok and Hammerburst that I haven’t scrapped. Don’t feel like going through the old What’s Up posts to find when they were.

(xFribbo) #13

They’re my favourite set, it’s just annoy that you can’t use them on COG.

(III EnVii III) #14

Unless you had them preset to COG before the update that stopped it!

(DLCarr17) #15

They are usually earnable in the horde events. Keep any eye on those when the come up

(Fabjo06110) #16

For the Midnight Omen skin, we get them in horde playlist if I understand for the flaming skins :
So, we can get flaming weapon skin in versus playlist
Recently, I got all Midnight Omen weapon (5) in one pack but I don’t remember if it was a daily gift, or, if it was in Gear Pack market.

(DLCarr17) #17

That was a one time pack that you could earn by completing 3 runs of the house event at that time. Cant remembered which one but it was recent.

(Fabjo06110) #18

(CarlosYabrudy) #19

Can @TC_Octus respond to this one?

(Fabjo06110) #20

What’s Up February 21st :
OSOK: Scope Life
Challenge: Play 10 complete matches of Classic OSOK
Reward: 5 random Flaming Weapon Skins