Flame grenades don’t do burn damage ?!

I know they literally burn but don’t do burn damage like brawler gives . Is this a glitch ?

They never have. I would guess that when the Brawler’s ability was developed, they just never went back and applied it to the nades.


They do. Throw them at a boss. Threw four at a Carrier (a couple of them direct hits) and it showed a symbol next to the health bar, playing on classic. it left the fire a.o.e. on the ground and the symbol stayed, and it was still losing health. It doesn’t last long, however.

There is a moment of area of effect damage. I didn’t think that’s what OP meant.

Yep, flame grenades are pretty much the worst grenade. They don’t impair enemies like shock grenades and they don’t even set enemies on fire.