Flagging for teammates, really

I recently got back in the GoW universe (about two weeks ago) and really like playing Horde. None of the people I (used to) play with seem to be willing to do it. I’d like to find people wanting to play Horde with me sometimes without the whole “joining randomers where people won’t talk anyway” thing going on. I want to be able to beat Insane at some point (and, possibly, Inconceivable).

I live in the Netherlands, am native to Dutch, perfectly capable of speaking English. Meaning I’m mostly GMT +1 and I can play during evenings (let’s say from around 19.00 my time). I’m off on mondays, working on saturdays.

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You can also post under LFG on Xbox.

Alright, thanks! And sorry for putting it in the wrong section!

No problem. Usually people around here that plays too. Should also add location/time :+1:

Also, @villa_casual_42

Thanks again, I updated it :metal:t2:


How did I get dragged into this.

Welcome back to gow and the community forums Qannon :+1:.

What difficulty do you play at the minute?. I usually play either incon or insane. I do prefer insane as personally incon is not worth the extra hassle for not much more xp or credits.
Your welcome to try insane one weekend if you feel your upto it. I don’t really play in the week due to early start for work.
I’m UK GMT so a hour behind you. I don’t talk though.

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Well because :sunglasses:

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I’ve not given Insane a try, mostly because there’s no real use in trying if it’s just me with randomers. And I’m still getting a feel for how Horde goes down exactly, though I am a very fast learner. Feel free to add me on XBL or hit me up if you’re down to Horde. Should have time this sunday after tea!
And thanks, it truly is good to be back! :slight_smile:

Ok bud. I’ll add you over the weekend and send a message to say I’m off ere

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