Fixing people leaving matches in progress

Make it to where in any multiplayer game wether it be versus or horde where after the first 3 times you leave a match in progress you get a warning and if you leave after that you get a 5 minute ban then a 10 minute ban etc… going all the way to 30 minutes but not exceeding 30 minutes so you get punished for leaving but you can still play after the time limit but say in horde or escape everyone leaves or you’ve lost a certain amount of times the ban doesn’t affect you and you can keep playing but say your the host and you leave you get a warning before you quit and get a automatic 5 minute ban if you leave not including if you’ve lost. but the day after you get the bans the timer and warnings reset please share this if you like it and let’s try to get something like this implemented.

Counter-suggestion; no


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Leave Horde out of this ridiculousness.


Will only work if there first are other sanctions in place:
If you, as an engineer, build MG sentries before building sufficient weapon lockers for the team you lose the ability to build sentries for three matches.
If there is an engineer in the team and you as a non engineer build sentries your ability to spend power at all is disabled for three matches,
If you steal someone else’s weapons from the locker you start the next three matches without weapons and are unable to interact with lockers.
Start by promoting these more reasonable penalties first, and when you have succeeded in getting them into the game maybe we could go back to you suggested quit penalties.


TL;DR You might as well not play then.

Same except you don’t play a class that can/needs to use perks at all, unless they remove said feature for Gears 6 again.

There is no universal solution to randoms and if you ask me, all penalties will result in is players not actually playing and moving on to different games. Or modes.


Guess penalties for quitting horde are off then. Sorry OP!

Horde penalties?


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Horde has a revolving door on it so penalties are completely pointless because someone else will take their place.

I will not be punished for leaving a match where the engineer values sentries over everything else or be forced to stay in a match with clueless players. Bans wont work. You will actively drive the player base down.

If you are using matchmaking instead of customs then stop lol.


Yes I’d do agree but when your on wave 12 on the FINAL wave, on the HARDEST difficulty and your dealing with the randoms and the idiots but y’all have some how made it to the end and when you die 1 time the host leaves making all that you did worthless at or the opposite 3 people who aren’t the host leave making it almost impossible to win or your playing Versus and it fair game the score is 4,3 and lose that one game making it 4,4 and somebody leaves because there “losing” then making the game uneven and actually losing

I disagree. I’m not going to play horde with awful or toxic players.

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Seriously? Quit Punishment only for Ranked is enough.


I primarily use mm, but I’m not a moron and I know the hazards that come with it

Dumb idea for Horde, you can keep your suggestions for PvP. PvE doesn’t need bans for leaving and all that mess.

I sometimes do it too but when I do, provided I am in a party with some friends that are playing other games, I will say something like “call me a masochist but I am going to use MM”

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There’s just a different mode of play I switch into when playing customs…I’m more inclined to try and not let teammates down. Which probably isn’t the best way to explain it, I mean, I don’t try LESS hard when I’m in MM…I just put less pressure on myself, I guess.
Plus when I’m trying to lvl out classes I don’t particularly enjoy, (or I’m still trying to get the hang of), I’m definitely not going to burden customs players with that.

With Jack (trying to get all cards 6, just need 3 Rampages) I am usually not worried since Jack can carry if played well (or getting a Mulcher Scion.)

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You can’t fix a fundamental problem with a bandaid solution. No one plays the game. It’s hard to play when ranked practically guarantees quitters and quick play guarantees lopsided changing teams throughout the match. A quitting penalty will not solve it. TC needs to accept that ranked isn’t working for gears. Popular games these days, you get to the menu, there’s like 4 options. Play. First they have to create an acceptable game and market it in a cool way to get people playing again. Gears lost its gore and cinematic elements. Gears 123 trailers memorable, after that not so much. Blood and gore and graphics need to stop being so shiny.