Fixing dead lobbies from previous match, disband party

Many times people join lobbies and the person there was from the last match and they went to cook or take a crap or something else, matches should disband after they are over

I am guilty myself sometimes, as i go to take a piss after match is over, i return and there are people in my lobby waiting for nothing


Well, maybe the person didn’t plan to only play a single match and would’ve returned eventually. The reasons behind delays are entirely situational and random.

Although sure people could go away for excessive amounts of time but I think having lobbies dissolve after each match would be more problematic and inconvenient than not, like if you found a competent team of randoms to play consistently with for a while. Having to re-invite each time would be a pain in the derrière.

I do agree with your reasoning but i have experienced dead lobbies often and people keep joining it over and over so then it affects other lobbies

If you find a competent team i would imagine you friend the players and create a party

I know what you’re meaning, I’m just looking at what that specific “solution” would do from another perspective.