FIXED - As of this moment; not able to join any matches - RAGANI Error

Jest before entering, get kicked back to profile.
Happened for like 20 mins now… European and US players.


Same for me and friends.




As the title says.

Any time I try to play escape or horde it gives me this message.

This is a new thing as I’ve been able to host my own lobbies up until now.


My friends & I are also experiencing the same issue. Just waiting on an update from TC here or on twitter.


Same problem here in spain

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Anyone experiencing issues, keep getting error message RAGANI goes to load up then I get thrown back to matchmaking?

Anyone else?

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The hamster finally gave out.


I know plenty of others are getting this. But when I actually search RAGANI on it just lists ragani lol no info. No support. Any one found out why? Or a bypass/fix?

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same for me and my 2 mates, 1 euy and 1 usa… all getting same error whenever we try to make any game on hoard or escape

One time I try to get on and grind these character unlocks and this happens. Custom matches are ideal for these aswel but can’t get in any.

Same here Eastern US.


I kept getting the restarting matchmaking due 2 player quiting

Still server issues…seriously? Getting kicked out of matches 2-5 mins in, if I even make it past the lobby screen is getting old. Should have bought Borderlands 3 instead of this joke of a game. I love Gears…Gears 4 was tough to accept…but I’m not even seeing a point to trying to let this game geow on me when I cant even play the damn thing. Even upgraded my service plan just incase that was the issue. TC , you really need to jump on the ball. Smh.


RAGANI = Lobby service closed the lobby as it failed to allocate a server

Ragani sounds like what i had for dinner last night


So server issues then? Ok. And I’m assuming no idea why. Arrrrgh. Scarred JD must wait…

Gears side or XBOX?

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Yep, I was just playing a few hours ago, but now I get this Ragani crap whenever I joined a game of horde.

So my one day off this week, I wanted to grind out some levels finally with a friend if mine who’s visiting, and TC dropped the ball ONCE AGAIN. Like. They had months to prepare for this. We ran Beta tests. And still the servers have been garbage since day 1. Could we actually get some servers that function at all???


Its like test server 1st day all over again. Friends kicked out on wave 47 of their horde, and I’ve had one successful lobby in well over an hour. Resets every time, just at different points, especially after map vote just before maps load.