Fix Your Garbage TC

No one is being out on their nearest servers?


This is utterly pathetic.

Laggy spongy mess

KINGDIRTYD is probably playing on their local server.

1 out of 10 ain’t bad.

(Sarcasm for those who don’t understand).


112 or 105 isn’t bad, today I played in a horde where the guest had 12K yes 12000 ping :crazy_face:

ps. matchmaking is â– â– â– â– 

It is bad. Those were the lowest and stable points

They bouncing up to 280ms 4 of them

I wrote it cynically, my ping jumps to 130-140 where in other games I have a maximum of 30

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Man they don’t have stable servers it seems. It’s like Hey… what happened to trying to prove themselves worthy of the Gears franchise? it’s nahhh let’s take money to add Terminator characters in… and take away the earning system of coins for packs…so people could earn cosmetic items for playing and loving the game? Throw a ton of microtransactions in our face, creating more buyable characters and not fixing the issues we are complaining about in the forums…us the people that should matter. .not their bank accounts. Ik this is a rant but it’s hard to see a game franchise you love being bashed on constantly by all critics calling it trash… and getting irritated bc you can’t play under fair conditions. High ping lobbies… where people lag in front of you literally. It sucks…

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I thought I would try Gears 4 again hoping for something better the other team had players with pings over 1,000. I have matches on Gears 5 where the gnasher works and many where it does absolutely nothing and they either one shot me or down me with the second shot. The servers are absolute trash and the gnasher feels broken. They need to fix their servers first then work on the gnasher . Then fix the OP lancer, Boltok and other weapons.

I don’t think TC has anything to do with that. It’s usually the responsibility of the local municipal department to dispose of trash.

@D_IE_IMI_ii_E_N Do these “other” games you play have servers closer to you? That is kinda how this ping thing works…

This still happens from time to time.

No idea why but I guess something is causing it, left overs from EU servers being broken for us but I’m sure it affects others too.