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FiX YOUR GAME (gears 4)

Nvidia problem that’s been going for years is absolutely unprofessional and just down right dirty I have a Nvidia GeForce 1080 8GB and sometimes can play for 2 minutes without it crashing that’s with my drivers updated though so I’m using one from 2017 I’m fed up with it I really like this game but it’s not worth this if you buy gears 5 your part of the problem.

Well maybe I’m being overly optimistic but I would assume they’ve got this ironed out for gears 5. I honestly would be floored if they don’t have the driver issue fixed in their second installment.

I mean it’s releasing on Steam. Imagine if TC told all these first time gears players on Steam to roll back their drivers for their game. They’d get laughed at.

Like I said I could be overly optimistic…

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Also people need to stop putting all the blame on TC. Seems like its only a 10 series problem

You need to be asking Nvidia.

It’s their Drivers.


Download version 382.53 from Nvidia and it will be crash free in Gears 4 if that’s what’s causing crashing on your system.

Already did now I can’t play some newer games or update my windows without it being incompatible and not working right and my laptop randomly shuts down now which it never did before… It’s the same amount of blame I’m putting on TC as Nvidia. But if you guys wanna defend them go ahead Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I believe you are part of the problem along with anyone else on this thread that defends TC or Nvidia this is not a FIX installing a patch would be a FIX. This isn’t just all for you either envii btw.

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It should never have happened, but TC can’t patch the game if it’s not an issue on their side.

There are workarounds like going to old drivers then new drivers or creating a partition for Gears alone and keep everything else on the main drive.

I’m sure they tried to fix but with Gears 5 around the corner, it’s best to wait and test the game this Friday and see how it runs.

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I don’t have the blue screens anymore after some of the recent nvidia drivers as far as I know it is mostly fixed it was extremely annoying when TC and Nvidia kept blaming each other for months about it. I got a gtx 1060 6gb
To add I did switch to a ryzen cpu too idk if that changed much.

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I don’t agree it is both TC and Nvidia’s fault this kind of issue is a error of communication between the two. Who knows who has been holding it up so much.

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What is happening Friday?

The Gears 5 Tech Test.

The fact that the game runs perfectly on anything but the 900/1000 Series cards shows it’s Nvidia that need to fix their cards causing issues.

Not true both are at fault like I said it is error of communication both TC and Nvidia tend to blame each other for the issues instead of working together on q and a. I’ve seen the minimal communication between both parties over this issue and it is completely unprofessional in the gaming community to treat a pc port like this. Also to add most of the issues with pascal cards have been fixed now it is not nearly as bad as it was when they were constantly bashing each other on twitter over the driver blue screens.

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TC did the only thing they could do: ask daddy Microsoft to give Nvidia the boot and switch to the Red side of the force.

G5 is sponsored by AMD so maybe it was nvidia’s fault after all.

The problem is that there is a failure to communicate on both of them. They can’t communicate properly. The only way to fix it is to communicate properly because of the lack of communication. Why else would that issue be happening. Also, they like to blame each other all day everyday. I know because I researched it to the point of taking…cooking mc’s like a pound of bacon. Final thought… Its all a big cluster cyclone of no communication and blame!!!

I highly doubt that.

It was more the fact that Microsoft are teaming up again with AMD for Scarlett and Microsoft pushing a play anywhere and Crossplay meant align with AMD for marketing…

I’d like to think this is the result of the witch hunt requested by affected paying customers. As a radeon owner my only gripe with G4 was windows 10, not a faulty green or red vga.

I just can’t believe this is purely a marketing decision and no blame was placed on nvidia at all, but then again, this is Microsoft we’re talking about so you could be right.

Gears 1 was PC and it was very problematic and had issue and that was Nvidia.

Gears 4 was Nvidia and Nvidia did a full write up on their site about the game - showcasing a lot of detail and performance expectations.

Rod even said on stage that they are working close with AMD on the next Xbox and it makes sense to partner with them for Gears 5 and PC as it’s seamless development.

It makes sense.

I played Gears 1 PC for a long time and never had a problem (not something catastrophic that I can remember after all these years at least) and it played fine with my nvidia 8800GT.

Xbox One’s Cpu is a custom AMD so the Cpu alone shouldn’t explain the whole thing.

Still think nvidia got the boot but at this point who cares right? AMD gpu and xbox one X this time just to be safe :smile:

The first gears pc port was destroyed by gwfl nobody else to blame but that software cracked versions would work just fine back in the day.

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I play a lot of games and have not had a problem like this with any other game other than I’m not up to date with my drivers now. I have over 200 some games on steam and more on the blizzard app and origin and gcg and the Microsoft store. This is the only one.