Fix voice chat for pc

I cannot hear anyone ever while i play gears 5 sense launch. Mic/ headset works fine with every other game without effort…fix this annoying ■■■■ i am tired of being anti social.

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its the same way on xbox for me

If you have numerous things that have a sound option (monitors, speakers, etc.) and the voice chat is not coming through what you use for gears, try to disable them all other than what you use for gears through windows in the sound settings. I was having the same issue, people could hear me and I could not hear people in game chat while discord and everything else worked. After I disabled the other sound devices I could hear people in game chat. Hope this helps for you as it did for me.

I turned off Xbox Game Bar on my PC and that immediately helped with having my voice chat to work in Gears 5 with Windows 10. Hear myself in others speakers as I played Versus and Escape