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Fix this and you fix Gears 5

Hi everyone,

I’ll make this short and sweet as I know we don’t have much time since the game releases. For the sake of this franchise and the fans ,I hope the developers will take this feedback into consideration.

I played the first weekend of the tech test thoroughly and waited till it went down to give a full review of my thoughts. Considering this is a TECH test, I will not be talking about any lag issues or anything in terms of connection, These are a given when it comes to beta testing, obviously there are going to be problems.

I’m here to talk about gears, Enjoy.

Damage Omen
I’ve heard a lot of complaints about this and I support the change it requires. I think it’s great how we are moving back to a more traditional gears of war damage omen however I feel this change was a little too much. Usually back in the earlier days of gears, the damage omen was designed to help the player indicate which direction he was getting hit from. This omen fails to do that. The damage you take and the redness of the omen aren’t on the same wavelength. When in combat, being hit slightly can cause the omen to take up most of your screen and it overwhelms the fight making it seem you’re taking a lot more damage than you really are. Making the omen more transparent and a little less disorienting would be a helpful change. I like the omen, I just wish it wasn’t so overwhelming.

Getting downs
Something I noticed while playing this weekend that started to be a huge nuisance was downs. I found myself constantly questioning whether or not the player i was hitting got downed. There’s something missing here. In gears 4 for example there would be a point system that appeared next to my sights that would instantly let me know I got the person downed. In gears 5, there’s no indication other than having to drag my eyes to the bottom left of my screen. We need some sort of visual queue or sound effect to be able to know when we have gotten a person downed or not.

Matchmaking Interface Lobbies
For me, and I know for many others, Gears of War has also had a competitive community. I’ve missed this in Gears 4 and I feel like I’m going to miss it in Gears 5 as well. Please let us see everyone’s ranks while in the queue for matchmaking not just after the game. I just feel like there’s not enough motive to work hard for a rank that only you can see. Not only that, but why are you not allowing us to see the opponents gamertags while picking maps in the lobby? Seeing “Player found” is not hyping me up for the game at all. I miss the days when you’d be able to see in the lobby an opponent you’ve played against before. It becomes a community and you’re able to be excited and hyped to maybe get some revenge on someone who beat you last game! Gears of war 3 had the pre-game lobby perfect, you would be able to see everyone’s names, levels, ranks, and even talk to them too. Please bring this back.

Ghost camera
Ghost camera needs to be brought back, There’s very little a person can do while dead and I think being able to just explore the map or help call out for your teammates would be much more engaging and fun for a person who is out watching a round.

Things I like:

  • Hitmarkers.
    The hitmarkers for landed shots, including what gnasher pellets hit is great.

  • Gameplay
    When I wasn’t experiencing any connection or server issues during the test, the gameplay was incredibly smooth. I felt like my movements were precise, registering effectively, and I didn’t have that sluggish movement I felt so much in gears of war 4.

  • Gnasher
    I think the Gnasher is at its best in this game. The reticule was a great addition to all the guns and I finally feel like my shots are hitting and are doing the damage they’re supposed to.

  • Announcers
    I like how we finally have our round announcers back. This is just a classic gears addition.

To Recap:
This is finally a game that I feel will be ready at it’s release date. There’s just a few things like I mentioned above that would make this game almost perfect. Thank you all for taking the time out to read this, happy gaming.


1st there is a main thread for feed back that’s pinned to the top. This will get locked.

2nd the omen is on point. It definitely shows you which direction your getting hit from unlike previous Gears titles where the omen will just pop up on your screen and just get darker red as you get hit.

Stopped reading after I saw “As a gears Veteran playing since 06”


If you think quitters were bad in Gears 4,wait until you start showing ranks before a match starts. I think I’d have actually become a quitter if I knew I advance how many times I was being teamed up with people who were far lower ranked than I.




But if their ranking system is done correctly then you would only see ranks in your range when joining a match, don’t you think? Therefore you wouldn’t be scared.

Moving the OP to the feedback thread. This allows developers to track posts in one location.

Thank you.

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Thank you.

I skipped his post entirely and went for the other comments to get the gist of it.

That “if” is based on something that doesn’t currently exist though.

Need option to revert to classic omen.

I totally miss the points showing up in center screen. Down notification needs to be a sound or show in center as well.

I feel completely opposite in that all my movements felt sluggish in 5, but they feel crisp in 4. So fascinating to me that someone could feel the exact opposite. I hope I can start feelin the movement better in 5.

I agree we shouldn’t be seeing anyone’s ranks pre-game.

I really wish there was an option to turn off the announcers. They were a nice novelty at first but I could do without.

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