Fix the servers


(zINuTTyC0nK3r F) #1

Plz fix these servers, I’ve been a huge fan since the beginning, I’ve also bought all your packs. Diamond 4 in every game mode. I’ve spent so much money on this game but now every match is so bad. And every ones ping is 50-100 and they sponge multiple shots. Can’t even compete when you face a stacked team cause you can’t kill them like your shots don’t register. Plz fix this before you lose another gears fan.

(HoesEatOreos) #2

they won’t fix it until they release another helmet less cog

(Hells 666 Viper) #3

zINuTTyC0nK3r F im right there with you man fan since gears 1 and have spent alot of money, i ven got my first xbox because of this game and then they messed it all up its at the point that i just want to scream, but they wont fix it, all they want to do is take you money and forget the little guy, typical big company mentality

(Krylon Blue) #4

There’s definitely an issue but are you really complaining about a 50ms ping? The game really doesn’t break down until a player is above 80ms. If you’re struggling against a 50ms ping there’s more issues on your end than the actual game.

But I do agree high pings ruin the flow of a game. All I’m saying is your numbers are way off.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #5

I asked about server issues in the stream just now but it’s like they magically couldn’t see my post. However, they did see someone else’s post below it asking if JD ever walked in on his parents having sex, and were happy to comment on that one.

(Krylon Blue) #6


Of course they did. I remember watching a stream a while ago and they claimed to have no idea what lag issues were talking about.

(Finnie1245) #7

(buscobuzzy) #8

I’m not sure if TC’s last update effected the servers even more because some past glitches are back. Tonight while playing insane AI versus when you go to do the kick you kick them and you end up behind them and you”re dead by gnasher. If a swarm is caring a grenade and you kill him 2 grenades go off and of course the teleporting. I’m so glad TC feels that making sure you’re a 10 rank for versus is more important than fixing issue that have plagued gears fans for 2 years now. According to them though don’t worry Gears 5 will be better. I think as of now it’s safe to say we have no reason to believe that.