Fix The Scrap System

Why not bring back the ability to dismantle skins and custom flags so you can actually have a chance to earn it. This would make the game better considering you only have the chance to earn like what, 5 scrap for one duplicate item? I mean come on, the more items you add, the chance of Scrap gets lower and lower. I enjoyed Gears of War Four’s Crate system and Scrap system much more than this, simply because you got paid credits for playing. Why not make it so you get payed Iron for playing too. You were able to buy Credits in Four, you can buy Iron in Five, why not let us earn or generate these currencies outside of Tour of Duty?

Even in 4 you couldn’t scrap skins I believe which I never understood. Can’t believe they doubled down and removed the ability all together. I just don’t understand how me being able to scrap the extra 20 horde cards for skills I don’t care about will destroy their economy. I earned these cards and should be able to scrap krampus, hypno embar and any other useless nonsense I deem irrelevant.

You were exclusively able to dismantle any cosmetic item. I don’t know why you can’t dismantle anything in Five.

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They may have changed it but I know the preorder skins at least couldn’t be scraped. As for your statement about iron people don’t seem to be as mad as they were about credits in 4 so it will probably be awhile. Like in 4 they are trying to bleed the whales dry before they let us earn iron, I imagine operation 4.

There was only few skins in 4 which could not be scrapped.
Everything was fair game. The rarer the skin the more scrap you got.
Must have scrapped 100 colour blast Del’s myself

Good points all around, I just think it was easier to unlock cosmetics with the Credit and pack system. Sorry if I called the pack system “Crates” I had a brain dead moment. The outrageous prices of the Iron shop makes looking good into bankruptcy.

I’ve been playing since launch. General both operations.

I don’t have boost and have like 1200 scrap and have never upgraded any horde cards or bought anything other than totems - scrap comes way too slow without boost. Unfortunately this only hurts TC and the longevity of the game as I am not about to spend that much time grinding for high level horde cards so will prob never get to experience higher levels with all the characters

Wow, think I have 3000 and I have bought all the totems and one blue card dupe for most horde cards. I did get the initial 30 day boost had no idea how much it effected the scrap i got. I guess they should promote this as another reason to buy boost🤣

The rate of scrap and the amount you get is abysmal, you’re most likely to get Commons (Green) and the amount you get each time is very low. They should increase the amount of scrap you get from the 4 colour rarities, 20 for Commons instead of 5, 50 for Rares instead of 20, 400 for Epic instead of 150 and 1,200 for Legendary instead of 600.

Oh yeah and I’d bet at least 1/3 of my scrap came from the free boost holidays and stuff… the extra supply drops and dupe cards generate a majority of the scrap and those come a crawling without boost

I get scrap but it doesn’t go to my scrap total, for me to use against the cards, I need to upgrade,I did use support ,but it will take 20 plus days excluding weekends/holidays to look into.anyone else having this problem started early in December.

I say the same since launch, but TC dont want this anymore. They want a paywall to sell iron, because they hope to get more money from that system. I dont think, that the system from 4 is coming at any time in Gears 5. I would appreciate that, but in this point, I lost my hope.

“We have no plans to change the amount of Earnable Iron” - TC

That was literally they’re response
They want you to spend $€£ on boost to increase your s(crap) gains

They won’t do anything

A simple solution would be placing a system in Gears 5 that stop players for receiving duplicate cards that transfer into scrap. At this point, the Scrap feature is there for tradition rather than an alternative option to earn in-game content.

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Seems to me tc…u can play this game for weeks on end…and accumulate little or no scrap m8🙄


Definetly my friend,it certainly feels that way.

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Agreed. TC, please consider bringing back the ability to scrap horde / escape skill cards. I will never be able to play this game enough to level a gold card up to level 4 …let alone 5, without a little help from dismantling the some 50+ duplicates I have of certain cards. Even if it’s a minuscule number like 2 scrap per card, or a tiered value system based on the card color. This would bring much more value to the grind instead of praying for random strokes of luck.