Fix The Ranked Mode Please Connection only here lost

Please take care of the ranked mode. I just fly out of here all the time without notice. I have now been given a 1 hour penalty and just cannot join the last game. Why was this function removed?
Just to explain, I’m just flying out in ranked mode. But when a buddy plays with me at home, only I fly out.
The Kosole is an exposed host and Upnp is activated.

I would like to be able to play e again in the evening and now I am expecting help quickly because it is really annoying when you fly out in the middle of the shot and then fly out of the game by disconnecting the server.
As I said since OP4 suddenly an hour penalty for nothing. I can’t change my internet is good and everything is working. Only your ranked mode gives me and my profile this problem.

I’ve tried everything like clearing the cache, reloading the profile, etc.

There are also no failures in the Fritzbox log.

Thank you for your time and I hope that it will help me quickly now and that the possibility to rejoin comes back into play immediately.