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Fix the rank system

Just went from Silver 3 40% all the way down to Silver 2 91% (I didn’t even start this low). Lost all motivation to play competitive. Just figured I’d add my voice to the dozens already out there, please fix this asap and compensate those lost if possible

did you see this?

Could be worse, I’ve gone from onyx 1 to silver 2 and lost 9000 skill points. Absolute BS from TC

Why do people keep posting this. That was from the 3rd October. I’ve already had my rank re adjusted once. That doesn’t explain where my 9000 skill points have gone.

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I dunno why you keep losing points, but this wasnt for you it was for OP. Maybe they havent seen it or played since

Ok, I’m getting snappy about it because I’m raging over this. I’ve spent 5 days grinding to get my rank up. If I knew they were going to do this I should have just not played, none of my friends have lost rank and they haven’t even been playing but they were silver to begin with. It depresses me what they’ve done with this game. I don’t know how you can get so many things wrong in such a short space of time.

That update you posted was a week ago, issue only started happening to people yesterday.

Anyone know if this has been resolved? I’d like to know before I play another ranked match

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Wasnt sure if you have played since then