Fix the movement and gib range now!

Insane just insane. End of operation 2 felt so good the movement was fast enough and smooth and the gib range was close enough for good battles. Then you just redo all of it by making you run and move slow like you have weights on your ankles and making the gib range larger again. Wtf we’re you thinking. How do you make it like that then just decide to undo all of it. Feels bad now please go back to operation 2 movement and gib range then leave it the heck alone and just focus on content. Stop adjusting things.


But they cant


Man it plays so bad now i just want to uninstall this bs

Shotgun is terrible but i didnt like op 2s aswell i liked the feb 6th gnasher


Its just an unbalanced mess… it feels so bad to play this game now.

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Glad I wasnt the only one who felt slow af since the update. Love the removing of flashes from the loadouts, not sure about everything else gameplay wise yet.