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Fix the map voting system!

Who was the genius that decided to make the map voting system the way it is? Because it must have been the same genius who did it for Gears 4.

Every time the votes for two of the maps are tied up, the game always decides to pick one of those two maps. Why the hell does it do this?! Everyone knows that the logical thing to do when two of the three maps are tied in the highest amount of votes, is to declare the 3rd map the winner. Randomly picking one of the two maps is only going to make one group happy, and piss off the other. It’s like breaking the last cookie in half and deciding which of your two kids to give the bigger half to. One will be happy and the other will be upset. Choosing the 3rd map that the least amount of people wanted is the neutral choice and forces players to figure it out and actually come to a decision on the map that everyone is going to play. Whether that means breaking the tie for the win, or tying it up so it defaults to the 3rd map.

The ONLY time the game should ever choose which map is going to be the deciding victor, is if ALL THREE maps choices have the same amount of votes, be it 0, 1, 2 or 3.

This is a very simple concept that even Gears 2 was able to implement, and one that desperately needs to be brought back ASAP!

This makes you that upset?