Fix the knife melee!

Hello TC

Do something with the knife melee please…
Every game i play there is players abusing it. That’s not fair.

Everytime i play a game, somebody knife me, I AM FED UP.

I like your game, versus, horde, escape, i play all. But the knife is ruining the game…

In gnasher battle( the main reason why i play gears), it’s so annoying

It’s not gears of war anymore…

Thanks for reading Tc and do something…

Golden Gun is completely ruined by the knife, it’s unfortunate that it has become such a widely used thing.

They have already said they will tone the knife down for MP.

I’m just grateful that the melee in Pvp isn’t the same as it is in PvE. Just imagine if the 3 tap melee from PvE was in PvP. Executions every time. Lol

“Golden Gun is completely ruined by the knife” I TOTALLY AGREE

i really like this event, so much fun on gears4…

I don’t play it on gears 5 because of this crap knife

What a shame…for this game

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