Fix the ****ing ranking system!

The ranking system is a joke. How do I get 2nd place in a match with 19k score 90 eliminations 23 caps 16 breaks AND WIN THE MATCH! Everyone place your bets right now did I lose points to my Rank or gain points? If you guessed lose points you guessed right and not only did I just lose points I lost 345 points. Not only that but everytime i LOSE A MATCH i go up in score by 70-90 points so what the **** is this ranking system??? How am I a onyx 4, diamond 1 in gears 4 but a silver 1 in gears 5? Probably because when I win I go down in rank. ****ing joke.


Your best bet is not take this game seriously anymore and play another game.


Honestly thinking about it. When I read the reviews I was like ah it cant be that bad. Yeah it’s that bad

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Yeah, ranked is ■■■■■■ right now. Won all my matches today and was down 1,000 points.

I’m really impressed at how broken it is. I’ve gown down 100 points for MVP. How on earth is that suppose to make any sense? As far as I can tell the rankings are completely arbitrary to the outcome of the matches you’ve played. As everyone else has said over and over for weeks, they’re going down in rank after winning. Going up in rank for losing – I’ve had a score of 14 in KOTH, two rounds of getting stomped, and gained rank. No I did not do well, they locked us down hard. I have a feeling the opposite team didn’t get any increase. It seems like it’s designed to keep higher tiered players in the lower tiers, which is the complete opposite of what the ranking system should be doing.


I don’t think I’ll go back into ranked matches until they make some changes. I like versus a lot, it’s really unfortunate that the rewards and ranking system is going to keep me from being a part of the competitive community. Been doing nothing but ranked KOTH since Gears 3 and I don’t think I want to play it in 5. :frowning:

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Not even playing Versus but feeling y’all on this. Will be interesting when TC tries to “explain” how this ranking works…

I’m done with this game in this year . Maybe i will try it next year after some patches. Ranking System needs a huge reworking!
RANKING, MEELE KNIFE NERF, MATCHMAKING and so on… Its a joke. EU servers for GOW4 seem to be turned off as well, only +100 Pings.
They dont deserve that this gears becomes a success. I want this game to be great, but it isnt.

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Completely agree with all that is being said and I have been so patient with this game and have held out on ranting but the ranking system is ridiculous. .

I went from tier 2 silver top 15% to top 40% after like 3 matches which is f*cking ridiculous! It needs to be sorted asap as I enjoy the ranked most instead of regular playlist games.

Not to mention I’ve been in silver since I played the game from when I got it a week early cause of the pre order and I cannot escape silver and it’s frustrating me beyond belief.

Needs fixed.


They are working on fixing the negative points issue, been happening to me as well.


We have heard your feedback around Skill Rating results in Ranked, specifically around losing Skill Rating in certain situations, and our team are looking into this based on reports.

Status: Investigation Ongoing

We expect this process to take more time than other issues as we discuss design and analyze data based on your feedback. As we get updates, we’ll provide them here.


Investigation ongoing. No ETA as yet.


Listen to this. It will save you lots of stress :slight_smile:


Sounds like it will be not in this title update, but hopefully the next? Or do you think they can squeeze it in to the upcoming title update?

doubt it they still havent fixed audio issues for pc and still have no eta on it. still cant play campaign or coop campaign and have a good experience.

I just worked way my way up to Diamond 3 again and just called it a day, there is no way, im playing again until it’s fixed/explained better.

Yes, I agree with you that MOST of us have been patient since the start since Gears 4 for a FULLY developed game, but unfortunately i’m not getting that sense of completion in this game.

It’s better off to just wait until everything is fixed and then come back.

If I were to wager a guess, I’d say that the current ranking algorithm gives too much weight to the quality of your competition.

Essentially, if you win by a lot but were favored in the matchup, it slashes your points too harshly, thus keeping you in that rank and not allowing you to really rank up. This perpetuates the problem as you’ll constantly be matched against other low silver ranks, thus slashing your gains, thus keeping you from ranking up, thus matching you with low silvers again, etc.

What I find odd is that I haven’t gone up or down in rank since week one. Like, at all. Ever.

Lol, yes. According to this ranking system, I’m like one of the worst KOTH players in the world… 80% Silver 1 currently :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Here’s a nice clip of what a normal match result looks like for me (this was a week ago - I’m ranked even lower now):

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It’s a ■■■■■■■ joke it’s like role reverse the lower rank you are the better! I’m losing more points being MVP on the winning team going to be bronze 3 soon

Win and lose points or lose and lose points. Very rewarding system that makes me want to play.


Are the “top %” and rank even correlating?

I haven’t moved up from Silver 2 in Execution since the day the mode was added to competitive, yet at one point I was in the top 28%.

I don’t understand how I rank up, I haven’t changed ranks once.

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Who knows? :rofl::rofl:

All I know is that I was relegated from Silver 2 ~80%, went to Silver 1 13%, and am currently Silver 1 80%

I’ve never even gotten to Silver 3, let alone any rank above that, despite being Diamond 2 in Gears 4 so…


Also, I don’t even think there is a Bronze? I may be wrong… but I don’t think there is. Which means that I am slowly becoming the world’s worst KOTH player. It’s an honor, really.