Fix the inconsistent gib

Either the player is extra close and I don’t get a gib, or the player is extra far and it gives me the gib and vise versa. Please fix


Your perception might be different based on where you think you are but the gib range is consistent. It’s just the perception that changes.

Imo the gib range should be close like in gears of war 4 competitive tuning. Right now, too many people rely on one-shotting their opponent.


Nah bro like they’re mounted on the other side of a small cover, I get full spread no gib. It didn’t happen all the time but it happens.

I’ve seen this quite often. I’ll point blank an enemy and barely do any damage but the same enemy will then shoot me from twice the gib range and I’ll explode.

My best guess is that what my game is showing isn’t the same as the server so things don’t happen as we’d expect. Welcome to online gaming but sadly Gears seems to have this issue more than any other game for some reason.


Make gibs purely based on the # of pellets that land. I love coming back to this game from time to time, but landing all 12 pellets on an opponent just to get “You did 60% -> 83%” with a 100% accurate shot. As if magical millimeters dictate tens of percentage points in damage variance somehow. Throw in inconsistent ping players and what is gib range is a dice roll. If I land 100% of my pellets, I should do 100% damage. If TC doesn’t want us to kill someone at that range but have a 100% accurate shot, then they need to increase the spread.

It’s the horrendous netcode, this has been an issue since day one . I can’t play anymore because all too often other players glitch/lag eat my bullets and somehow kill me


Since the update , I m on x1x hit 99% so many times 4hit 99% from gib range also torque bow doesn’t hit …

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yea its ridiculous because the enemy is literally on the other side of some small cover (mounted) i hit him full spread no gib. but when he’s far af I can gib him (sometimes)

I bet you the GIB range and consistency is fine it’s the servers which are the issue, although I do see 99% too often which makes me wanna launch my console out the window

The connection is especially trash at the moment


If I get a gib I am happy.


Yeah as with basically all problems in this game this comes down to the poor netcode/screen difference issues.

Yeah this new tuning has definitely made the gib so inconsistent. Compare to the tuning before .
You can hit players full spread close to get 99%
But you back a and slide away from gib range and get chunked .
Hopefully they revert this tuning it’s horrendous


So basically what they did is that instead of fixing the real issues like this and the footstep audio

They screwed the tuning

As a result, having a screwed shotgun and a screwed tuning equals a screwed game experience

The gib range needs to be decreased (get in much closer to gib) to lower that gambling range so you don’t get this scenario so much.


I think you should have to put the barrel in the enemies chest or the gnasher not gib at all.

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No it’s more than the net code because the enemy is not moving (for a couple seconds) mounted to a very small cover that I’m also mounted to, but on the other side. I shoot over the cover full spread no gib. Later in the same match I’ll get the gib or I’ll get an even further gib. It’s inconsistent.

It’s because of the absolute trash netcode. This game also offers lag compensation regardless of ping. Meaning that a player with 1500 ping still gets kills somehow.