Fix the Gnasher/wall bounce

In gears 4 when you were wall bouncing wherever the camera was facing the shot would go in that direction. Now in gears 5 if you’re in the middle of the slide you cant shoot properly and when you hit the wall if you do shoot it doesnt matter if you’re looking straight the shot sprays in a wild direction.

It’s one thing to make the lancer OP for the casual appeal but to actively destroy the gnasher on top of the growing list of concerns for this game. The LEAST you can do is not destroy how the gnasher works.


I’m fine with not being able to shoot in the middle of a slide.


Well I’m glad but do we have to completely remove all skill gap and destroy this entire game for casuals?


wall bouncing is lame, literally faced a team of wall bouncers and its ■■■■■■■■ easy kills and shots

I know because it doesn’t work properly anymore. They’ve made it so that it’s actually worse to do it now. You can’t shoot while doing it and it messes up aim.


Rather them remove slide canceling and lower Lancer stopping power. Wall canceling is straight up trashing this and previous Gear’s MP.

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Gnasher is for people who can’t aim for ■■■■, and is actually more suited to casuals who have no concept of tactics or strategy and just run right up like a charging llama. Lancer is the iconic weapon of Gears.

Are you serious? Gnasher has always been the core of multiplayer since the very first gears of war.


there is nothing like the feeling of a gnasher kill where your moving fast and have 2 to 3 guys shooting at you on a 1v2 or 3 and you come on top and the explosion of their body everywhere.

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Seems to me like they’ve already nerfed the lancer. No way a guy should be able to bull rush you with a gnasher as you’re unloading point blank with a lancer and get blown away in one shot

huh maybe but the only thing i can think of if they haven’t is are you at their spawn and they have the seconds of inviolability.

It’s still not fixed. I just did a ranked game where I shot a dude with a gnasher two from point blank, didn’t kill him and he killed me in one shot.

It’s broken. It wasn’t this bad in the first Gears of War.

That happens to me all the time. I feel your pain. The gnasher is broken AF. I’m also constantly getting 97% damage at point blank range.


Like how did I hit someone at 96% and they didn’t go down at least?

That’s happened, but that’s on me for being stupid lol In other cases i just get bum rushed through lancer fire and blown away with the shotty

Exactly! It makes no sense. I’ve had so many kills stolen from me from doing nearly 100% but not quite

What? Did you even play Gears 1 or were you just always host?

I’ve genuinely not understood how people can shoot mid-slide, no animation change, nothing.

It puzzles me, so if someone could explain it I’d be much appreciated.

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I was never the host.