Fix the gnasher please

In every Match that I played. I made 99%, 98%, 97% whit the gnasher, Please fix de gnasher or the hitbox of every character, this is not posible.

It’s definitely inconsistent and the worst it’s ever been in any Gears game including Gears 2.

I find point blank shots with every pellet hitting aren’t being credited but clear misses by me are counting as kills.

In this current state the Gnasher is so disappointing. For the first two rounds on a match my Gnasher did no damage at all. I couldn’t buy a kill as most of my hit shots went through their body while my misses gibbed them. However, in the 3rd round, my shots were registering as I’d hope they would. I went from 18 Elims in 2 rounds to 51 total in the third round.

Connection issues + Gnasher inconsistencies ruin this game and TC has no idea how to solve them.


Don’t worry guys, I’m sure that with OP6 coming out you’ll finally be able to uninstall the game with no regrets.


I don’t know. The Gnasher seems ok to me. Yeah, you still definitely get those 80%+, but most of the time, if I die or kill someone, it’s legitimate.


I’ve noticed recently it’s gotten so bad when i do the obligatory coop game, i can believe it. I actually laugh out loud during the game, at how bad it is (if i was playing ranked i would be screaming, but coop for 10 Gnasher kills, yeah, i just laugh)

Frags take forever to detonate, boomshot is pathetically weak, gnasher is so inconsistent… Barf…

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I think this is the best part of gears 5, Nothing better then shooting someone with the same weapon, from the same range and getting a 99%.


If you don’t think the shotgun is that broken, which, I don’t even think it’s that broken — go on GoW4 and watch in absolute amazement how basically everyone you point blank dies. It’s wonderful. I was going to post something contrary to OP, but I played GoW4 for like 30 minutes, and yeah, it feels fairly broken.

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I actually know exactly what you mean, I’ve had times I point blank somebody see blood splatter big enough it makes me think it’s a gib at 1st but as I’m leaving I notice I don’t see my name on the kill feed “wait they’re still alive?” Turn back around and they kill me.

Then I’ve also had times where I shoot somebody, think I missed so try to quickly straf or bounce my way into position myself into another shot, only to realize half way through doing that, that I already killed them.

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I say those 99% or 98% happen to me like 20% of the time
which is annoying obviously but I can mostly live with it. this could just be based on the player though lol.

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Yes. Also the boomer, dropshot, sometimes kill the enemy another times the bullet doesn’t kill them. I don’t know if the game algorithm is random. Sometimes the frags explothes quickly or late. I don’t know how is the algorithm of the game? Ir this is random or exactly

Eh since I just playing 2 by 2 Gnashers, the frustrating part is how it seems without rhyme and reason.
I mean when my aim is off my aim if off but if you hit first full body with 98% then get gibbed it’s uagh.

And in that game mode it’s double uagh cause so noticeable; I mean it’s probably either lag related or my aim being so slightly of that the 2% happen.
But honestly the rounding up at 80 or whatever% to a down even felt saner.

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That should be the rounding up that they explicitly removed at some point in 5.
I wish I could find the blogpost mhh.

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I can’t find the blog post either but when they removed the rounding up I though they decreased the amount of pellets necessary to get a chunk — it absolutely does not feel like that, but that’s what I thought they did.

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Sounds like a “you” problem.

Rather than an actual game/weapon issue.

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